iPad: Love It or Leave It?

LOVE IT!  Did you think I’d say otherwise?  I mean, besides the fact that it’s a fancy piece of glass, it’s also AMAZING.  I was fortunate enough to get an iPad through work a couple weeks ago and have had a hard time putting it down ever since.  I even tried touching the screen on my notebook to access a web page and then I remembered there was  keyboard right in front of me and that the notebook didn’t have a touch screen.  between my iPhone and iPad, I’m going to start thinking life is operated by touch.  Oh, wait…

I currently have the 32G wi-fi only iPad and before everyone throws their hands up and says it’s not worth it to have an iPad without 3G, consider that most of our time is spent indoors near a wi-fi signal.  That said, for those times where 3G would be nice, (at the beach, park, where wi-fi is spotty) I could justify the $600+ price tag.  But, I digress.  So far my iPad has been awesome.  I took it on a Virgin flight to Seattle a couple weekends ago and while the internet there was spotty, i was able to download an app and check email in the air – which was awesome.  I also read the GQ magazine I had downloaded earlier in the day, caught up on Facebook updates via Safari and even flipped through some old pictures in my photo gallery (the animation in there is so so cool).

There still is some speculation as to how the iPad will be used and utilized in people’s everyday lives and to be honest, I have no idea yet how it will impact me, but I can say that so far it’s been awesome for the following:

  • Reading books: I downloaded Chelsea Lately’s book and have been reading it at night – the screen is bright and easy to read and the page animation (swiping through pages) is very cool.   I also downloaded ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and read it to my nieces before they went to bed and they LOVED it
  • Watching shows/movies: ABC has an app that allows you to watch all of their shows and check out the upcoming week’s schedule.  I also downloaded ‘Scary Movie 4’ and watched while at work one day (I was doing mindless stuff) and the HD picture quality is awesome
  • E-mail: I’ve heard a lot of people wondering out loud how well they’ll be able to adapt to the keyboard, not to worry though, it literally only took me 30 seconds to pick it up, so easy and convenient when you need access to email but want something bigger than your phone, but smaller than your notebook

There are seriously so many life-situations for which the iPad can be utilized and the fact that it’s so thin and mobile makes it that much better.  And (!) soon the new OS system will come out that will allow for multi-tasking which will increase the iPad’s functionality and I’m sure open the door for a flood of new ways to use it.  I think it’s only a matter of time until iPads or iPad-like devices (let’s be honest, Apple got it right the first time, so hopefully they continue to dominate the space) are the go-to device for computing needs.  Why carry around a laptop for day-to-day stuff if you can use your iPad?

I love mine and if you haven’t already played with one, head over to the Apple store and check it out.

Even this cat loves it…

  • Mom

    What a great blog. I love your descriptions and excitement…but, when have you not been excited about some new techology? Kind of makes me consider getting one…hmm. Iggy is absolutely wonderful. Can you just imagine what Megan would do with an iPad?!!