iOS 6 Maps Fail

The haters will always find something wrong about the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Sure the new phone really hasn’t changed much and with the new version of the iOS for the most part has been great.

I’m not one to complain about anything Apple, however, the crApp they replaced Google Maps app with is just awful. If you’re like me, I use the iPhone and Google Maps to navigate my way in this city, be it walking or yes even transit.

The new Maps app is pretty with it’s 3D flyovers but function wise, not so much. So for the time being until Google releases a Google Map app or Apple actually adds transit directions back, here’s a temporary solution.

Update: “Google already submitted a Maps Application to the store as of Sept 20th at about 2pm.”

Watch the video from on the next part of the post.

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  • Ricky

    I’ve seen a lot of buzz online around maps in iOS 6 and how “terrible” they are but I’ve been using for a few days here in Florida and I haven’t noticed any problems. The only exception would be that the 3D effect sometimes renders roads a little strangely. But that doesn’t mean the maps don’t function. I’ve used the turn by turn directions all over town and so far encountered no issues. For me so far, this is an improvement over Google maps.

  • Rob

    I totally agree with you Redd, yesterday I was going to a new address and it was crazy! I kept losing inside the map it’s like the navigation is inverted now and this 3D feature looks cool but once you start scrolling you loose control, I had to go back to my spot and start over again and again

  • I didn’t really need a “fancier” map app, I and probably most people that don’t drive needed an app that just worked.

  • RD

    The web app of Google maps works just fine, but not exactly like the native app. You don’t get to pin location just by finger-pressing a location, and you don’t get Street view at all.

    The Apple maps app is okay, yet transit data is sorely missed and commercial information (location of banks, restaurant …) is far behind Google’s database.