Apple “Crashes” On Day Of IOS Release…?

Are you like the rest of the iPhone-lovin’ world and have been waiting on pins and needles for today’s release of the big IOS 5 update? Well, don’t get too excited cause you’ll more than likely see this coming up as you go for it: “An internal error occurred (3200) while installing iOS 5.0” … NIGHTMARE.

Now, before you panic and assume this is an issue with your computer and your iPhone product alone: IT’S NOT JUST YOU!! Hoards of people have taken to the net and twitter over worry on this sudden delay and I know I nearly went as far as deleting all my data in an attempt to “solve my problem” which would have killed a LOT of pretty awesome What’s App threads I’m hosting so I’m really glad I wasn’t able to go through with that amputation of a remedy. Further, iPad users have been getting this a ton as well so don’t throw your tablet in the garbage just yet… There IS an explanation!

If you click on the “see more info” button after the error comes up you release that even Apple doesn’t have this error code (3200) listed as one of the ones they’re aware of… Really, world’s most “up to date and on the ball” company? I’m not SUPER impressed with the time it’s taking them to respond to the issue and the fact that all the useful info I’ve found on this topic has been offered up by helpful “hackers” and programmers likely more on their “Do not associate with” list rather than their employee records.

Ranting aside, it’s been posted by famous programmer Saurik that the entire issue is due to an overload of request for the new IOS that Apple has received today. To which I say: “REALLY? The day of your arguably biggest software release and you don’t up your bandwith? Couldn’t you borrow IBM’S Watson or something to help you out?” So, panic not fellow iPhone slaves, just wait a day or two and try the update then. Apparently trying over and over SOMEtimes works but I say wait the rush out and then update. Do NOT delete your info 😉

[UPDATE: On my 12th try today (without ever doing anything different or altering settings at all), the update went through. So, it DOES “get better” and does NOT require you to fidget with settings on your phone or do anything special other than keep trying!]

  • I had the same problem, but did it a second time and it worked. In other news, apparently Blackberry users phones didn’t work at all today. I’d rather an error message over something that just doesn’t work.

  • I’m at 8 tries and no success yet… maybe they’re punishing me for having a PC?? haha i wouldn’t doubt it 😛
    Wow to the blackberry news… you’d think apple would want to capitalize on a day where BB’s are down and be all “buy our product, we never go down… well, except for today’s update” haha.

  • Ricky

    I was able to download and update OS X on my Mac with no problems and doing my phone now. So far iOS5 hasn’t given me any trouble. Sorry you’re having issues! But at least you don’t have a Crapberry. They aren’t working at all, world wide!!

  • Brady

    It didn’t work for me at first, but then I just had to go into my phone, pick a few settings that popped up, and retry. Working like a charm now, the update is great!

  • So far, there’s unfortunately no specific rhyme or reason for who gets the update and who gets c-blocked on the attempt. Keep fiddling folks! It’s gotta come through SOMEtime 😛 Good to know some of you are slipping through the bottleneck!!

  • Actually Jamie is at four tries with no success yet either! Yikes!

  • Philip

    Mine went perfectly! Got it and love it

  • In regard to the Blackberry comments, my BB Bold has worked all day, other than BBM for a couple of hours in the morning, and my facebook/twitter alerts not being pushed. Was not a huge inconvenience at all.

  • Im at a point where I let it update and took a shower. Came back out, phone isnt turning on, error message popped up. Now I am forced to restore it and it is STILL not working. No phone at all.

  • Boo! Hoping all of you have better success. Mine was smooth as could be.