Introducing Mr. Gay World 2009…

mr-gay-worldFor those of you that don’t know, the Mr. Gay World 2009 took place in Whistler, BC in Canada during the first week of February. I had the opportunity to meet the organizers and many of the amazing delegates from all over the world. I recently interviewed the winner, Max Krzyzanowski of Ireland, to which he answered the following questions:

Patrick: How did you hear about the MGW competition and what made you decide to enter it?
Max: I entered a heat for Mr. Gay Ireland in a bar where I worked as a doorman. The owner, Panti (after whom the bar is called: Pantibar), asked me to enter the heat to ‘bring up the numbers’. It was a fun night and I won the heat, moving onto the Mr. Gay Ireland Finals. This was on October 26th, and was a large event, with over 700 people in live attendance, and 25 contestants. I put some thought into the competition, and got some inspired help with outfits from a good friend of mine, Shane. I was lucky enough to be chosen by the judges. The producer of Mr. Gay Ireland is Brian Merriman and he is also on the board of Mr. Gay World. The main prize for the winner was to fly to Whistler for the Mr. Gay World competition.

Patrick: What has been your favorite part of the experience so far?
Max: There have been many highlights so far, but the one that stands out was on day 3 of the competition in Whistler. That Friday, we did an eco-challenge, followed by a series of workshops and talks. One of the speakers was Mark Tewkesbury, Canadian Olympic triple medalist. He spoke about his decision to use the media attention surrounding his Olympic success to highlight gay equality issues. His sincerity and selflessness humbled me, and then he passed around his Olympic medals. I’ll never forget that moment.

Patrick: What do you hope to accomplish as MGW 2009?
Max: I hope to follow in Mark’s, and many brave others’ footsteps and draw attention to the serious inequalities that gay people, the world over, have to endure.

Patrick: How did you celebrate your win?
Max: There was a WinterPride party on after the competition, and I had a great time there. But also, next Sunday, Pantibar is hosting a party to celebrate the win, and most of my friends, family and well-wishers will be there.

Patrick: Do you currently have a BF or husband?
Max: I’m not in a long term relationship, but I am dating someone at present.

Patrick: What do the next few months look like for you?
Max: Next week I’m doing a cover shoot and interview with Ireland’s Gay Community News. Then, I’m traveling to Sydney for the Mardi Gras at the start of March. There will be more media and traveling, but the dates haven’t been set yet.

Patrick: What is your favorite TV Show or Movie?
Max: I love all of David Attenborough’s TV documentaries. Amazing insights into the natural world, and visual masterpieces too.

During the finale of the competition, I will say that Max definitely had the best answers to the questions that were at thrown him and was very confident and well-spoken. Congratulations, Max!

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