My first girlfriend was black. Not just a ‘friend’ that was a ‘girl’, but a girl who I made out with. I was a young lad who answered “YES” on a piece of paper that Marlena (not her real name, just one I stole from DAYS OF OUR LIVES) gave to me as an option on whether or not I liked her and wanted to be her boyfriend. It was grade 6, and during recess, the kids who were “boyfriend/girlfriend” would meet on the center spot on the field and “french kiss” in front of their peers.

Marlena was the first girl I ever kissed with tongue and I enjoyed her big, full lips. She was funny, athletic, out-going and could dance like nobody’s business. I liked the black girls throughout middle school and high school. They would often call me ‘whack’ and normally made the first move (which was better for me, because I was sexually shy.) Plus, over the span of one weekend Jodie’s Marlena’s hair could grow faster than mine in a year. It was only later that I found out that this was purely possible through the magic of her weave (here I thought black hair grew more rapid, and would cause us to be poor due to ongoing, weekly haircuts.) 

The funny thing is, after I turned to the cock, my feelings for the hot chocolate kind stopped with women. Don’t get me wrong, I have male friends, who happen to be black. I’ve just have never wanted to jump their bones (okay, unless your name is Kerry Rhodes) …Mmmmm now that brother is FIIIIIIINE!

So what’s the point of all this? Recently, researchers at the University of California at Irvine conducted a study to find out which races are most likely to get involved . . . in an INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP. What they found is that:

  • White men are more likely to date Asian and Latino women . . . than Black women.
  • White women are more likely to date Latino and Black men . . . than Asian men.
  • White men are more open to dating outside their race . . . than White women.
  • And Asians, Blacks and Latinos are more likely to consider dating a White person . . . than a white person is to consider dating someone of another race.
  • Overall, the MOST common interracial relationship is white men and Asian women . . . while the LEAST common interracial relationship is Asian men and black women.

I have to say I was a bit shocked while reading this over. I mean, people are people right? What I may enjoy at the buffet, you may not like and vice versa. While this study is aimed purely at straight people, it did get me thinking, do some of these same rules apply in gayworld?  I find it scary when researchers put together a study like this because in my opinion, it can only be accurate to a certain degree. I do, however, think it’s important to date who you are attracted to…and perhaps try a little bit of dessert on the side :) You never know, you may start spoiling your appetite before the main course after all!