Are You One Of These Five Types of Guys On Instagram?

I can honestly say, ALL my friends fall into at least one of the categories if not more. Believe it or not, there are a few douchey hipsters *cough* Nic *cough* 😉 Doesn’t really say a lot about the company I keep, does it? Depending on the day (and amount of alcohol), I’m also guilty of these clichés.

Mikey Bolts and Josh Leyva (the sexy shirtless one) filmed a brilliant video describing the five archetypes of guys on Instagram. According to him, they are: the douchebags; hipsters; fitness guys; deep inspirational guys and wannabe gangsters. As all encompassing as his list is, he forgot the type that loves to photograph the meals they eat. You know what I’m talking about. Guilty as charged. Check out the clip below.

5 Types of Guys on Instagram

Which of the categories describes you best? For me, it’s gotta be the hipster or wannabe gangster. I’m not really a gym rat nor a deep introspective thinking type of person. How about you? Sound off below.

  • Lol… I dunno wich catagory I fit in… Hmm I would go for dude who takes pictures of my food to much! 🙂 But we love our stereotypes!! 😀 Hehe Funny… Hot guy with the dark hair… Btw #followme #instagram #gay #gayguy #sexy #swag #whateverandwhothehellcares hehe… @Medeko if you wanna follow haha…

  • Owke owke I admit I take to much pictures of myself… But hell I need to work out more then! 😀

  • Belladonna

    There missing the People who take photos of FOOD, The Guys who take photos of there new outfits I call them the FASHION guys & The Guys Who only take photos of everthing but themselves or OUT DOOR Landscapes. Lol I Guess it was just for the Guys people can’t

  • Zack

    lol i don’t fit into any of these categories. i just post random photos of myself. anyway, follow me y’all and i’ll follow back @ BreatheOnMe94

  • Claude

    Soooo everybody’s just gonna pimp out their instagram accounts with thus post?

  • Yeah ofc Claude… Its free, its easy and well… #instawh*res 😀