Watch The Hilarious “Instagram Me Baby” Music Video

There’s Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkIn, Pinterest, and of course Instagram. How the hell can we keep up with all of these social networks and apps?

I will fully admit that I recently became hooked on Instagram. I had the photo app on my iPhone forever, but only recently did I realize that it was actually a social network of sorts. People can like your picture, leave comments, become your friend… you know, the usual. What makes Instagram appealing is that it allows you to apply a filter to your picture from the several that are provided so that your usual “average” photo looks super artsy and professional.

This music video pokes fun at everything that is Instagram and I love it. “Take a photo of your breakfast, a picture of your mom. Then add your f*cking filter so your photo is the bomb.” LOL. Props to Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy, the starts of the video, for being on top of this trend and calling everyone out (including themselves) for the ridiculousness that is world of Instagram.

Videography by Dan Zachary. Of course, I had to Instagram a picture of this article for Ryan 🙂

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