First Look: “Inside” A Scary Social Film Experience

Last night, I stumbled upon this new film in the works called “Inside” and I’m already hooked on the whole idea. It’s from the director of ” Disturbia” and stars Emmy Rossum as a woman named Christina who gets kidnapped and has only a laptop with the internet as her only hope. She’s trapped in a padded bedroom, and the kinnapper brings her clues every now and then as to how she can get food and more importantly, what she can do to save herself. Imagine having to video blog a plea to try and get a bunch of likes on Facebook in order to get food?

They’ve releases three clips of the film so far, and are allowing users to share in the social networking side of things on Facebook and Twitter to help shape the remainder of the film. I’ve included the three clips below, as well as the main trailer, so get “Inside” and check them out!

Inside – Movie Trailer

Inside – Episode 1 Day 1

Inside – Episode 2 Day 4

Inside – Episode 3 Day 6

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