Tell me you’re watching this show.

Amy Schumer has seen a pretty huge rising in notoriety and popularity over the last few years or so ever since (I would attribute it to) her spot on stand up at The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen back in 2011 where she came relatively out of nowhere to tear down the tiger blood drinker himself and some of the oldest names in comedy standing next to her. Her humour has been PERFECT for the gays as it mixes just the right amount of dick jokes, self-deprecation and abortion references to have us question momentarily: “Could I date this pretty, blond Jewish girl? She’s soooo funny…” But, then we remember she has a vagina and we shake off the bisexual ick and go back to just laughing with her. Amy is a clear New Yorker in every way and doesn’t apologize for it for a second as she plays predominantly comedy clubs all over the USofA and has recently forayed into the world of television with her newest endeavour: Inside Amy Schumer.

Perfectly titled if you know anything about her focus on both sex and self-promotion (to which I say you go girl… well, if I was still living in the 90s I’d say that), the show combines actual clips from her funniest moments on stage with outrageous and acted skit work, impromptu joking with passersby on the street and interviews with “real people” who always end up being porn stars or muscled body guards who may or may not be bisexual. It’s like Seinfeld taken to a more extreme level as she puts all the topics gays and girls (and I’m sure some straight guys find her funny… right?) want to hear about on display. It’s completely uninhibited, played on Comedy Central, Tuesday nights during the spring and into summer and has just been renewed for a second season in 2014… Good on ya Amy!

One Night Stand

I immediately posted this clip to my wall with the line “this girl is doing it absolutely right”. I often get laughed at for falling too hard too soon but, after seeing this and watching friends of my drop L-bombs 2 dates into a “relationship” I’ve come to realize that I’m juuuuuust fine. Perfectly encapsulating the image Amy has of both women and men we all come off as pretty terrible people and I love it ha.

2 Girls 1 Cup

The “back story” to the infamous “2 Girls 1 Cup“, Amy wonders just HOW the casting of that fantasy evening went. Often putting herself as the loser of the skits, she kills it here with her realistic reaction to this casting call and of course the desperation of actresses everywhere. Too funny.

The show sees cameos by some decent actors and actresses who likely were passing by the blond on the street earlier that day before they started filming which just makes it all the more off the hip. It’s a great scripted example of what the comedienne’s jokes would look like if given human form and you wish you could live in a world as crazy as the one she creates. If you haven’t seen her stand up before: Mostly Sex Stuff is FINALLY available online and is hands down the funniest routine I’ve ever seen and I guarantee you, if you’re a terrible person you will be hooked. Like the stand up? Try the show. Let me know what you think below!