The 10 Dumbest Infomercials


The infomercial industry is definitely a cash cow to most of the uneducated people living out there purchasing these products that exploit their stupidity. We see these infomercials usually late at night in the wee hours of the morning and they sell anything from diet candy & abs machines to facial exercisers to toilet related products. There are many other products I could list but here’s 10 of the most stupid ones.

10. Neckline Slimmer

I think your neck and chin is sagging because you’re carrying too much weight. The least of your worries should be your neckline. Sure let’s fix the chin area instead of actually modifying your lifestyle to be healthier. Wouldn’t applying pressure to your chin while nodding your head up and down achieve the same results? That’s if this thing actually even works.

9. Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

This mask is so creepy it’s like a Friday the 13th facial exercise nightmare. It operates on a similar system as those electroshock abdominal pads that contract your abs but instead is used on the face. Yikes!

8. AYDS Diet Candy

This ad aired in 1981 just a few months before the disease got its nickname. Awkward! Scary thing is that the product promises similar results as the epidemic disease.

7. The Hawaii Chair

It does the moving for you, how effective could that be. You’re fat because you’re lazy! The only way this chair would work is that you won’t be able to hold your lunch down while you do your work in this chair that’s constantly moving. Hello nausea!

6. Facial Flex

Not only does this look silly, but it also looks scary. It looks like a contraption from someone’s S&M tickle trunk. Because you’re face is a slacker, put it to work!

5. The Tiddy Bear

This is a seat-belt cover shaped like a teddy bear that sits in between women’s breasts to relieve pressure and chafing and has the unfortunate stupid name “tiddy.”

4. The Kush Support

It’s like a titty-fuck while you sleep! This phallic shaped object is supposed to keep women’s breast separate while they sleep (cause really, women don’t like their breasts touching while they sleep right?).

3. The Comfort Wipe

If you’re too fat that you can’t reach your ass to wipe it then you have bigger problems. Maybe it’s time to get that gastric bypass instead of this stupid contraption. I love what the old lady says, “Allows you to maintain your dignity while you maintain your personal hygiene”. There’s nothing dignified about using a stick to clean your bum gramma!

2. Bumpits

Because everything in America is bigger they say. Big hair, big servings, big people, big boobs and so on and so forth. How tacky is this product? Why would you want to look like you’re going to the Prom in the 80’s?

1. Aromatrim

As appropriately said by, “You know what else stops you from eating when you snort it? Cocaine.” I mean seriously America, put the fork down. Eat less, Move more! What a concept huh?

  • Timothy

    Redd that was hilarious! “Your fat becasue your lazy!”. Gold

  • Hans

    Why so many digs at the overweight? A few shots at the gullible looking for an easy way out during the more ridiculous diet gimmicks, okay, but you seemed to take aim at the overweight everywhere, even in the bump-it section. Not cool.

  • mike

    I was Rejuvenique for Halloween the year this ad was on.
    Best. Costume. Ever

  • You didn’t Mike!? Amazing….