One of the most anticipated summer blockbusters this year, Inception, is the latest creation from genius filmmaker Chris Nolan. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levitt and a few others (who aren’t as famous) the previews for this movie had me guessing…what the heck was it about?

Inception is about movie about putting an idea into someone’s head while they are sleeping. Oh yeah, my paranoid mind was SO ready for this movie.

Going into someone’s mind while they are sleeping, you need a few key players. The Extractor (Leonardo DiCaprio) is pretty much the leader. He is a master at extraction information from people’s minds. The architect (Ellen Page) who is the one responsible for building the dream, every tiny detail this person is responsible for to make it as real as possible for the Mark (Cillian Murphy). The Pointman (Joseph Gordon Levitt) who is in charge of researching everything. Those are the three main members, then you’ve got the Forger who impersonates major people in the Mark’s life to gain trust, the Chemist who makes the sedative to put them into a deep enough sleep. All these people get hooked up together by a machine, all tapped into someones mind and poof you’re in.

This movie is tricky. Very very tricky. It’s 2.5 hours long and if you go to the bathroom even for a minutes you will not get what’s going on. But it’s a great movie. It’s SUCH a Nolan movie I can’t even tell you. The effects are brilliant, the acting is impeccable and the story is beautiful. Why aren’t I telling you a bit of the plot, well because I won’t be able to even get it across without confusing you for real, but at the heart of the movie is a man’s struggle trying to get home. It’s a really heartbreaking story of how far you go to keep memories of ones you love, and what you would do to get back to them.

It also makes you think a lot about the most dangerous parasite in the world…an idea. How if implanted properly it can take over your entire life. You will be questioning a lot of what you’ve done in your life and trying to figure out if it was your idea, or the suggestion of someone else.

Inception is a great summer blockbuster, probably the first one this year that is really gonna make it big. Leo will more than likely get a nomination for this because he is PERFECT, and I really hope he get an Oscar one day. I don’t know if this is the one, but he will get noticed.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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