Lab Grown Meat: It’s What (Might) Be For Dinner

Yes, you read that right. Four years ago, PETA announced that they would pay $1 million to any scientist that could make chicken in a laboratory. Now, as the deadline draws near, an article on is saying that PETA may actually end up having to pay their reward because it seems that in vitro meat is attracting investment and research talent from around the world.

To be clear, this isn’t like a vegetarian soy product that would just taste like chicken. They are talking actual flesh grown in a lab. In vitro mean is actual animal flesh, except it never was part of a living animal. Although this is obviously a good thing for animals, the thought of growing flesh gives me the heebie-jeebies at first thought.

The article does explain that this type of meat would also be safter because “fecal pathogens animals on the hoof can carry” would be non-existent because of the lab controls.

The stipulations of the contests state that lab-grown chicken has to have the same taste and texture as real chicken meat, and they must sell at least 2,000 pounds of the in vitro product in 10 states by early 2016. That being said, the evaluation process deadline is June this year, so they better get busy! Check out the article here to learn about some of the people that are working on this at the moment. If they can pull this off, that would actually be quite amazing.

  • sean

    I’m with you that’s creepy.

  • Kyle M

    the cost of production alone would be staggering. just buy happy, free-range organic chickens that got to run around. animals are hunted and die all the time in nature – it’s just a matter of not making them suffer just to feed us that counts