Perez Hilton, Simon Fuller & Jamie King Reveal New Boy Band: IM5

Teaming up with mega tour producer Jamie King and music industry veteran Simon Fuller, internet blogging sensation Perez Hilton has pulled together five talented young male singers to bring the world what he is calling “a boy band for the new millennium”. May I introduce to you, IM5. Comprised of Cole, Dalton, Will, Gabriel and Dana, the average age of the group is sixteen. Here is what the groups new Facebook page had to say about the boys.

Like their name suggests, IM5 is an exciting new musical act comprised of five very different boys sharing a love of entertaining. Brought together by showbiz vets Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton, IM5 has been a band for over a year now, undergoing intensive vocal and dance training. They are currently working on their debut album and fine-tuning their performance skills.

The group has yet to release a single but have impressed young female audiences with two performances. The first (and the one that impressed me most) was their cover of Jessie J’s Domino. Their vocal training has paid off because their harmonies and vocal arrangement was on point. I also love seeing young talent flourish. They are like a boy band full of Justin Biebers. The second video you’ll see below shows their dance skill and performance level though you can tell their vocals are being pulled back behind a pre-recorded track. Check them out below.

IM5 Cover Jessie J’s “Domino”

IM5, “When Your Heart Beats, Feel It”

  • Tasha

    How old is Dalton from IM5?

  • Ashlan

    Dalton is 16

  • Kristine Hudjakova

    How old is Daniel from Im5?