I Actually Watched Two Episodes, Get Me Out of Here!


So, the premiere episode of this show aired on Monday. It will be on NBC Monday through Thursday, every week, for the month of June. Yikes! Here’s how it works: Eleven “celebrities” get dropped into the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica; their survival skills and comfort zones are tested. With eliminations, they battle it out to see who will become the King or Queen of the Jungle, thus, earning the most amount of prize money for their favourite charity. It’s all done by viewers voting in. 

The first episode ended up being all about Speidi. Between the two of them, these two recently-married spoiled rich reality kids ended up crying, throwing a tantrum, and threatened/attempted to quit the show. Spencer cracked me up when he discussed the fact that he is a TV-Supervillain with the other contestants and how he has to live up to that- in addition to him saying that he is “King of America” as one of the biggest stars on TV… so with that he’ll be King of the Jungle next? AND, when he and Heidi couldn’t take anymore of the “hell” they felt they were being put through, they tried to head for The Hills by getting on the phone with the producer, saying that they wanted off the show as they were too rich and too famous to be sitting with such a D-List ensemble and it was not what they had signed up for. Looks like they took the drama from The Hills to The Jungle. Hmm, a spin-off? I gotta hand it to them though, the season finale of The Hills just aired, and in between this season and the next they are really leveraging their reality celebrity power with this show alongside a few cheesy music singles from each of them.

I was actually like “Oh great,” when they announced that the show was going to be on pretty much EVERY DAY for the month of June. I think it was entertaining enough for this episode, but I don’t know how they will get people to keep watching it.

In last night’s episode, Spencer and Heidi competed against each other in a food challenge in which they had to try to find as many stars as they could in a given time, within a dark room filled with rats, snakes, cockroaches, and other miscellaneious filth. Spencer ended up winning the challenge against his wife, but upon their return, they annouced to everyone that they were leaving the show for REAL this time. Again, Spencer said he was too rich and famous to have to deal with this… Good grief!

Without them, MAYBE the only other person that’d be entertaining to watch would be Janice Dickinson. And. by the way- WOW. You can really see all of the plastic surgery she has had when she’s in the jungle with little to no makeup. Actually, Frangela is pretty funny as well. I still can’t believe Sanjaya is on the show: the closeted American Idol guy who couldn’t sing and didn’t win. His description on the show is “Pop Star.” Really?


celebrity-heidi-montag-prattHeidi Montag – The Hills star has exploited her fame in every way she could. She and Spencer, along with Perez Hilton and the Kardashians often tip off the media that they are going to be at X ice cream or pizza joint for attention. Favourite quotes from her on “I’m a Celebrity”: “I’ve never had something so disgusting in my mouth.” Hmmm… doesn’t she sleep with Spencer? The second quote takes place when trying to find objects in a pitch black room, among snakes & rats, the spoiled princess reassures herself: “Pretend I’m shopping.” Charity: Feed the Children
celebrity-spencer-prattSpencer Pratt The douchey self-centered Hills star is known for being a shit disturber on the show, and this competion was no different for him, having openly discussed in front of everyone that he has to maintain the super-villain character he is famous for. He and his wife quit the show by the end of the second episode: which was day two. His last words to the camera while getting driven away with his wife were: “I don’t volunteer baby, I get paid.” It has been said that he chose his charity based on the fact that the organization has a lot of money already and he wouldn’t feel bad if he left early. CharityRed Cross 
celebrity-janice-dickinsonJanice Dickinson Known for being a supermodel, a judge on ANTM, and starring in her own show called “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.”  Her Charity: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation
celebrity-john-salleyJohn Salley He is a 15-year NBA veteran that now dabbles in the film industry with recent credits such as a role in “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Charity: Cedars Sinai Medical Center
celebrity-lou-diamond-phillipsLou Diamond Phillips He starred as Richie Valens in “La Bamba”, “Stand and Deliver”, and can be seen on “Stargate: Universe”, amongst other films & shows. He is the “leader” at the camp this week. Charity: Art Has Heart
celebrity-sanjaya-malakarSanjaya Malakar He was on American Idol Season 6, and quickly became one of the most recognizable American Idol contestants in the history of the show, even though he didn’t win (and couldn’t sing). Charity : Shriners Hospital for Children
celebrity-patti-blagojevichPatti Blagojevich She is known as the wife of former Governor Rod Blagojevich, who was impeached as he was accused of a scandal to which the he and his family maintain his innocence. Patti owns her own real estate company. Charity: Children’s Cancer Center
celebrity-stephen-baldwinStephen Baldwin This youngest Baldwin brother recently competed in Celebrity Apprentice, but is known more for acting roles in films such as “The Usual Suspect”s Charity: Love 146
celebrity-torrie-wilsonTorrie Wilson She used to be a wrestling diva in the WWE, and has also been on the cover of Playboy magazine a few times. Charity: Disable American Veterans Charitable Service Trust
celebrity-frangelaFrangela Although they have their own separate acting and performing careers, they are better know for their comedy duo Frangela. They are real-life best friends and have been on Oprah and have also been dubbed as “America’s funniest people.” Their actual names are Angela Shelton and Frances Callier and their charities are: Feeding America and Covenant House of California respectfully. 

Aya carumba – A whole month of this show to go.

  • Jared

    OMG i cant believe you posted this, I was so hoping you would. I didn’t read thru it cuz I just got off work and am super tired and the sun is starting to peek out. But OMG I have to say… I HATE SPENCER. What a conceited, selfcentered, retarded, egotistical, insane, immature douche bag! I can’t believe any human being can be like that. And Heidi… What kind of a retard would marry someone like that? Horrible. The show itself is interesting. A little cheesy but something about it makes me keep watching it lol.

  • Timothy

    I’m not sure if anyone caught Chelsea Lately last night, but she very appropiately compared Spencer to Harry… from Harry and the Hendersons. What was up with the jungle pubes on his face?

  • i don’t even know why heidi and spencer agreed to go on the show. I knew they wouldnt last. Spencer cares only about himself. He is a douche bag for sure. I hate even watching him on the hills so i didnt tune into the show. I did see some of the highlights on prime time in no time on yahoo. heidi crying about her shampoo bottles. seriously?! go back to the hills

  • MikeB

    I didn’t see any celebrities on the show, did anyone else?