Illinois proved to be in a much more romantic mood on Valentine’s Day than years past. The Prairie State is well on its way to becoming the tenth state in the union to legalize gay marriage. On Thursday night, its senators weighed in on Senate Bill 10 and voted to approve the measure by a margin of 34-21.

Given that Democrats control the House, the bill will most likely become law. Illinois governor Pat Quinn has said he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. Just in case you were wondering if voting went down party lines, it did for the most part. Only one Republican voted yes.

“I think it was the right thing to do,” said Sen. Jason Barickman, from Champaign, according to the Associated Press. “It’s a vote that I understand some have varying opinions on, but I feel that I voted in the correct way.”

As mentioned earlier, when the bill becomes law, Illinois will be the 10th state to allow same-sex couples to wed. Worth noting is that it’ll be the first in the Midwest to do so. Under the Illinois measure, the official definition of marriage would be changed between a man and a woman to that between two people.

For those who were concerned the bill would force religious organizations to allow same sex marriage ceremonies in their halls and churches, an amendment was made. It explicitly states nothing in the proposed law would force a religious denomination or minster to “solemnize any marriage.”

Do you live in Illinois? Are you happy that the ability to marry is coming soon? Which state do you think will be next? Sound off below.