Tonight, I’m off to IKEA to pick up a few office items for my store. An IKEA trip is always fun, but you have to give yourself enough time and be strategic in some ways. For example, stop off at the cafeteria and treat yourself to some cheap Swedish meatballs & mashed potatoes before you get started. That way you won’t be hungry and can think clearly – sort of like eating before you go grocery shopping.

I started making a list of a few items that I know I’m interested in purchasing when I realized, if you looked at my list, you’d think I know Swedish and could probably infer that my grocery list has Kalteen Bars on it. This brings up another unique aspect about shopping IKEA – the wacky/unique names for every single item they have! Some of these names are a little ridiculous. What do you think “Hemnes” is? Can’t figure it out? It’s the name of a glass cabinet they have and you could never get that from “Hemnes”. With this in mind, I thought I’d put you to the test. Giving you a series images, how many items can you correctly name (given the choices provided) out of ten? Are you up for ze challenge?

Name This IKEA Mattress

Name This IKEA Secretary

Name This IKEA Clock

Name This IKEA Lamp

Name This IKEA Desk

Name This IKEA Laundry Basket

Name This IKEA Floor Protector

Name This IKEA Shopping Bag

Name This IKEA Frame Set

Name This IKEA Shoe Cabinet