FTAPE’s Obsession No. 19 Is Ignacio Ondategui

Photo by Daniel Jaems
Photo by Daniel Jaems
FTAPE.com has outdone themselves with their latest Obsession. The online fashion directory selected Spanish supermodel Ignacio Ondategui as the 19th addition to their popular series. Photographer Daniel Jaems describes his enviable body as “unquestionably photogenic.” I couldn’t agree more.

“As soon as I met Ignacio Ondategui it was clear his Obsession would be focused around strength and vulnerability. His perfectly formed, athletic body is unquestionably photogenic. Light literally bends around the skin when muscle is that defined… but for me the show stopping element is Ignacio’s ambiguous stare. Like to magnets commanding your admiration.” – Daniel Jaems.

Check out more pics of Ondategui below wearing pieces from Charlie by MZ, Daniel Garofali Underwear and swimwear by Torcasio. Honestly, this guy will have you all horned up within seconds. Dude is sex on a stick.

For more pics, head over to FTAPE.com.