A new video from FatAwesome (a comedy group from Boston) tackles what it would be like if your friends acted like your pets and it has almost 4 million views already.

In the video, one guy plays the owner, another the dog, and the third guy plays the cat. From their behaviour when the owner comes home, to when he’s cooking in the kitchen, or just relaxing on the couch, they pretty much nailed it. Being a dog owner myself, I totally saw my dogs in what was shown in this video. I loved one part when the owner just gets home and the dog is so excited and runs over to him and says, “Ah! What’s up man! It’s so good to see you! I know I saw you this morning but it seems like it’s been forever.” It’s also hilarious to to see the huge contrast between the dog and the cat behavior as well.

Enjoy the cute and funny video below.

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend