If The Army Goes Gay: This Video Is Anything But Blah…

The video starts off: “Gays, man! It’s alright to be gay in the militaryI” Just when I was getting tired of all the Bad Romance and Telephone spoofs, I’m pleasantly surprised to see one done to a song I hadn’t been done yet – from Gaga to Blah Blah! Best of all, by a bunch of straight soldiers in Afghanistan! There’s a whole lot of homoerotic going on in this video. If they’re not gay, there’s certainly some curiosity going on (or at least in my mind there is). I guess it’s bound to happen when they haven’t been getting any for so long! LOL. Here’s what they say about the video:

“Created by Codey Wilson and his elite step team of volunteers. Don’t give us a hard time for this, please? We’re just a few good men trying to enjoy ourselves and get this deployment over with. No one is gay… that we know of. Not that there is anything wrong with that! (political correctness) As a young aspiring film maker I was forced to release this early due to our friend in Afghans high school lip sinked music video. You know you love it. Enjoy it. Spread it. Live it. Lastly, ignore the copy cats that will soon follow and keep your taste for original creativity. Much love from the east!”

Those guys look like they had a gay old time making that video. Well done, boys!

  • Jared

    Lol okay then. This has to be the most unfit group of soldiers I’ve ever seen.

  • Harlequin

    That’s what I was thinking. We’ve given THEM weapons of destruction. Awesome.