American Idol 9: Top 9 Performances Ranked


Hello Idol fans. I’m back for my weekly rankings of last night’s performances. This week’s post comes all the way from Dublin. After spending an amazing time in Paris this weekend, Brian and I have met up with Kevin and Topher in Ireland this week to party it up. Like last week, this post will be relatively short as we’re just about to head out and enjoy a bit of the Dublin night life.

With Didi’s upsetting elimination last week, I admit I wasn’t looking forward to this week’s show. With only three girls left in the competition , it’s starting to look like last year’s testosterone heavy season. I’d be completely fine with that if the guys all sang well. Let’s face it, there is a lot of dead weight on the boys side. Now that’s out of the way, here are my assessments from this week’s performances.

9. Aaron Kelly

Performance: The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles
By far his weakest performance to date. Looks like the competition is starting to take a toll on his voice. It sounded flat, gravely and completely done. Like Ellen stated, his performance felt like a long winding road. I’d be worried if I was an Aaron fan.

8. Michael Lynche

Performance: Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles
Guess who brought the irritating finger pointing at the crowd back? After his amazing set last week, Michael fell back to his old ways. WTF was he thinking this week. After Didi was eliminated for her overdramatic musical-like singing last week, Michael does the same thing for “Eleanor Rigby”. I think he’ll be safe but this was NO BUENO.

7. Tim Urban

Performance: All My Loving by The Beatles
Once again Tim sang in tune, but once again it bored me to death. Not that I can sing well, but how difficult is it to remain on key when the song has a limited range. I don’t get the love from the judges though. Could they be resorting to doling out reverse psychology to give Tim’s fans a false sense of safety for him?

6. Andrew Garcia

Performance: Can’t Buy Me Love by The Beatles
HAHAHAHA. I’m still laughing from Ellen’s comment about Simon “buying love”. After getting his musical mojo back with last week’s performance, Garcia delivered another solid vocal performance. Having said that he might find himself in the bottom three since It was a bit unmemorable.

5. Siobhan Magnus

Performance: Across The Universe by The Beatles
Who was this girl tonight? Soft, tender, constrained and without her signature “Siobhan Shriek”? I almost didn’t recognize her. While tonight’s showing was heaps and bounds better than last week’s trainwreck, I miss Siobhan’s crazy energy on stage and hopefully she’ll bring that back for next week. If she wants a spot at the Kodak Theater, she better start bringing out the big guns- Lee is quickly gaining ground.



4. Lee DeWyze

Performance: Hey Jude by The Beatles
The standing ovation, the audience going crazy and the pimp spot. Lee is definitely gaining momentum of making the final two. If he keeps winning the public over, Crystal better watch out. He might actually take this season away from her. Personally, I found the it blah but I did enjoy his the bagpipes. Get your mind out of the gutter boys.

3. Crystal Bowersox

Performance: Come Together by The Beatles
Crystal brought out her inner sexy rock persona tonight. During parts of her performance, I saw glimpses of Melissa Etheridge. I agree with Simon and can definitely hear this on the radio. Still, CRYSTAL FTW.

2. Casey James

Performance: Jealous Guy by The Beatles
YAY. Casey finally listened to my advice regarding doing another performance in the vein of “Heaven”. He’s so much better when he shows his vulnerable side and sings a stripped down version of a song. Definitely one of the top two performances of the night. On a more superficial note, didn’t his hair look really pretty. I wonder if he scrunched it, got some assistance from a curling iron or if it’s naturally that curly…lol. Inquiring minds want to know.

1. Katie Stevens

Performance: Let It Be by The Beatles
I’m probably going to receive a lot of flack for putting Katie in the top spot, but in my opinion, she totally delivered tonight. While Brooke White’s rendition from season seven was tons better, Katie delivered an amazing vocal. She’s definitely finding her groove in the finals and getting better each week. Go Katie.



For the past three weeks, we lost three straight girls in a row. With Crystal, Siobhan and Katie all providing solid showings, I predict the bottom three to be filled with three guys for the first time this season. So which three will be placing their butts on those stools? My guess will be Andrew, Tim and Aaron. Out of those three you know who I want gone.. *cough* Tim *cough*. But since I’ve been hoping for his demise since March and getting disappointed each week, I’m going to predict the other teen, Aaron, gets eliminated this week.

SHOULD GO: Tim Urban
WILL GO: Aaron Kelly

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