This episode of American Idol brought the worst and the best the show has ever seen in its twelve seasons. Anyone who can’t see why Lazaro Arbos should go home, should be forbidden to vote for Idol… or anything for that matter. It’s abundantly clear that he’s way out of his league. Listen. I like the guy, but at this point, it’s not only torture for viewers, but for him as well. His heart is clearly not into it anymore. Let’s just put him out of his misery.

On the flip side, Candice Glover stringed together two absolutely amazing performances. Her second one had Randy claiming it was one of the best ever on the show. Keith simply got on his knees and bowed to her greatness. Meanwhile, Mariah got up from her seat, walked over to her and sprinkled her with glitter. I’m not kidding. Mariah glitterbombed Candice. I just hope that glitter isn’t cursed like Carey’s Glitter flick.

As horrible as Lazaro and fantastic Candice was, I have a sneaky feeling that Arbos isn’t going home tomorrow and Glover won’t make the finals. Don’t you agree? Check out this week’s performances below.

American Idol 12 Top 6 Performances

Angie Miller

The judges complained she didn’t connect with the lyrics. Personally, I thought she did fine. A tad dramatic as always, but a solid vocal. Loved the dress. It’s the best she’s looked. Her second performance on the piano was better, but paled in comparison to her original song in Vegas or her Colton Dixon cover. With that said, I still think she’s this year’s winner. She has the looks, voice and isn’t boring. I just hope she chooses to go mainstream instead of doing christian pop post-Idol.

Song: Anyone Who Had a Heart
Original Artist: Dionne Warwick

Song: Where I Find You
Original Artist: Kari Jobe

Amber Holcomb

Holy effin’ shizz. Amber looked slamming tonight. That pantsuit she wore during her first number was EVERYTHING. She sound even better. There were some moments that were very Whitney-esque. From the first round, I’d place her a solid second behind Candice. Her second performance wasn’t a perfect vocal, but it was an uptempo so I’m willing to give some slack. Out of the Top 6, she was the only one to not pick ballads for both performances. For that alone, she should get a free pass to the Top 5.

Song: I Say a Little Prayer
Original Artist: Dionne Warwick

Song: Love On Top
Original Artist: Beyonce

Lazaro Arbos

I’m going to take a page from Nicki Minaj’s book and say nothing. The performances speaks for themselves. They were flatter than a prepubescent girl, especially the first one. Karen Carpenter was rolling in her grave.

Song: (They Long to Be) Close to You
Original Artist: The Carpenters

Song: Angels
Original Artist: Robbie Williams

Kree Harrison

No doubt about it, Kree is a talented vocalist. I agree with Keith that she’ll probably end up at the Grand Ole Opry one day. With that said, I’m starting to find her performances a tad predictable and boring. Girl needs to amp it up a bit. Don’t you agree? I will say though, the beginning of the second performance was heavenly.

Song: What the World Needs Now Is Love
Original Artist: Jackie DeShannon

Song: Help Me Make It Through the Night
Original Artist: Kris Kristofferson

Janelle Arthur

Oh girl NO. Janelle needs help with her song choices when it’s outside the country genre. The first performance was cheesier than a three-cheese nacho platter. I’m not even lactose but I had major stomach pains after watching it. Janelle redeemed herself on her second showing, but think she’s in danger. If it’s any consolation, she looked gorgeous in her second outfit.

Song: I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
Original Artist: 1968 Musical Promises, Promises

Song: The Dance
Original Artist: Garth Brooks

Candice Glover

WOW!!! Simply, WOW!!! After not placing in the Top 3 last week, girlfriend came to play this week. She put together two fantastic performances. I agree with Randy that her second was one of the best ever on American Idol. It was exquisitely beautiful. I was speechless afterwards.

Song: Don’t Make Me Over
Original Artist: Dionne Warwick

Song: Lovesong
Original Artist: The Cure (Adele Version)

American Idol 12 Top 6 Performances Ranked

  • 6. Lazaro Arbos
  • 5. Janelle Arthur
  • 4. Angie Miller
  • 3. Amber Holcomb
  • 2. Kree Harrison
  • 1. Candice Glover

Bottom Two Prediction

If Lazaro isn’t in the Bottom 2, I’m breaking up with the show. Promise that. If any of the girls leave, American Idol will officially lose credibility. I can see either Janelle or Amber joining him, but both deserve to stay over him. Personally, Amber should be in the Top 3, but I don’t think she’s connecting with viewers. I’m not sure why, because I’m absolutely obsessed with her.

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What did you think of tonight’s performances? Who was your favorite? Who do you think will be in the bottom two? Do you think Candice delivered one of the best Idol performances of all-time? Sound off below.