Idol 9: Top 8 Girls Performances Ranked


Due to me partaking in WinterPride activities in Whistler last weekend (Thur-Sun), I was unable to recap Thursday night’s results show. It’s a good thing I didn’t have an opportunity, the depressing post would’ve been entirely devoted to Michelle Delamor leaving (good riddance to Jermaine, John and Haeley). Yes, she was off-key, but Lacey deserved to go instead. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Speaking of which, I correctly predicted three out of the four going last week which brings my average for the season to 4-4. Woohoo, at least I have 50% accuracy rate for my predictions.

With last night being only an hour show, the performances immediately followed each other without cheesy filler “get-to-know-me” segments. While some rose to the challenge, others choked for what Simon claimed was the most important week for the semifinals. I tend to agree with the acerbic British judge’s comment. This week was definitely not a week to falter. In the past, less-talented singers who fluked out with a great performance during this week, bumped others who had off-nights to make it to the prestigious Top 12. So who choked and who flourished? Check out my rankings and see if you agree.


8. Katie Stevens

Performance: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
She had so much potential and she totally blew her shot. What a wasted opportunity for her and more importantly for us, since a spot was taken away from Angela Martin. Prior to the live shows, Katie received a heap load of airtime and was even touted as a potential winner from Kara DioGuardi. On paper, this should’ve been a home-run with her tackling a Kelly Clarkson track. Unfortch, she was sharp throughout most of the performance and never really got into the groove. I get a feeling, even the producers and judges have given up and written her off. During the first week, she received the prime pimp spot and tonight she got the shaft and “won” the dreaded first spot. If there is any justice in this world, she needs to go and make way for Katelyn.


7. Paige Miles

Performance: Smile by Charlie Chaplin
Admittedly, I’ve been using Paige as my punching bag during the live performances thus far. While some of it has been unwarranted due to transferred frustration because Angela Martin didn’t make it, tonight my criticism is definitely deserved. She blew chunks and hopefully this will be the straw the breaks the camel’s back with America’s voting. Hope she keeps smiling when she gets eliminated on Thursday. PS. Loved Simon labeling her performance a “peanut” one- the type of show you’d see while sitting at a dive bar munching on peanuts. Gawd, I’m going to miss Simon when he leaves.


6. Katelyn Epperly

Performance: I Feel The Earth Move by Carole King
Prior to watching tonight’s show, I was worried Katelyn would receive the same fate as Ayla Brown (Season 5). Ayla had two solid performances but then sorta choked during the same week and was eliminated shockingly in favor of Melissa McGhee who, for her part, killed it during her turn. While Katelyn’s performance was nowhere near the trainwreck that Ayla had with “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, her less than stellar set didn’t do her any favors and won’t garner any votes other than her fanbase. Hopefully she’s earned enough good will from her previous two performances to squeak through into the top 12. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Katelyn.


5. Siobhan Magnus

Performance: The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals
There’s just something about this girl, I absolutely love. Though her performance wasn’t as good as last weeks, I believe she’s done enough this season to garner enough votes from America. Like Katie and Paige, Siobhan has been very sporadic when picking her songs. One week it’s Chris Isaak, then Aretha and this week, she chose some 60s folk song. I hate to echo Kara DioGuardi but she has a point about the contestants not being consistent with the artist they want to be. Hopefully in the Top 12, Siobhan shows a bit more consistency and works her way deep into the competition.




4. Lacey Brown

Performance: The Story by Brandy Carlile
Brrr. Hell just froze over. I can’t believe, I’m place Lacey so high up on my list. For two weeks, I’ve predicted she’d be going home but has managed to escape death both times. With the Top 12 looming next week, she pulls a performance out of her ass that’ll probably propel her to the next stage. Having said that, I’ve probably jinxed myself and she’ll probably be leaving tomorrow. It’s win-win for me. If she makes it, I was right and if she gets eliminated then Katelyn has a better shot of surviving. At this point, you can probably tell, I’m a Katelyn fan, right?


3. Lilly Scott

Performance: I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline
Ankle boots. Fierce. Printed dress. Even fiercer. Playing the mandolin. Beyond fierce. This grey-haired blondie definitely has a spot secured in the finals. It would seem the producers would like this as well, given her placement in last night’s show. She was genius in selecting this song. It’s a classic that older viewers could relate to but at the same time, with her interpretation she made it sound current. Like Kara, I was impressed with her song arranging skills. Looking forward to seeing how she does in the coming weeks when themes are imposed.


2. Crystal Bowersox

Performance: Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman
When the judges love you, you can do no wrong. “Give Me One Reason” has been sung by previous contestants before, and all, including Jordin Sparks, have been criticized for picking an easy song to sing and were encouraged to pick a more difficult song. But not for this season’s chosen one. Crystal was being lauded left, center and right for her stirring rendition. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it as well. I just wished the judges were more consistent. Just like Lilly, I’m looking forward to how Crystal does with theme weeks that require her to venture from her comfort zone. Barring a major catastrophe, Bowersox will be singing next week and for many weeks beyond.


1. Didi Benami

Performance: Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac
Now, there’s my girl. Finally, Didi delivers a performance that lived up to the promise she showed during the earlier rounds. Benami gave me tingles throughout her stripped down version of the Fleetwood Mac classic. With her coming through with an amazing performance, she puts her hat back in the ring as top girl and potentially the title. I’m Gaga for Didi.

Should Go: Katie Stevens and Paige Miles
Will Go: Katie Stevens and Paige Miles

Last week, I correctly predicted one of the girls going but this week I’m going to boldly call that both my guesses will be correct. It’s all but written that Paige is going, the only person I can see going instead of Katie is unfortunately Katelyn. Even with two substandard performances, Katie managed to survive. Hopefully the teenage beauty pageant-type singer gets her tiara taken away from her.

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