Icelandair’s First LGBT Advert Features Adorable Gay Couple Taking In The Sights

Next to the Maldives, Iceland is right up there as one of the destinations on my bucket list. When I decide to take the trip, I’m definitely booking a flight on Icelandair. The company just released its first gay commercial featuring an adorable couple. And it’s fantastic.

“Icelandair’s customers are as diverse as they are many. We think it’s only natural to reflect that in our marketing material and therefore aim for a marketing approach that reaches certain groups and is suitable for certain media,” explains Jón Skafti Kristjánsson, brand manager at Icelandair.

“This ad portrays a cultural trip to Iceland and the group it’s aimed at is people who travel to enjoy what life has to offer with their loved ones. So it was an obvious choice to use a loving middle-aged couple for such an ad; it’s worked well for us in the past. But this time we thought: why not add to the diversity and make this loving, middle-aged couple a same-sex couple?”

The promo does an excellent job highlighting what the beautiful country has to offer. From enjoying a luxurious dip in a geothermal bath, marveling at the Northern Lights or simply having a sumptuous meal at one of Reykjavík’s many great restaurants, it’s all waiting for you in Iceland. Check out the clip below.

Icelandair Commercial