As I had previously written about, Ian Carey teamed up with rising star Rosette and international music legend Timbaland for a hot new dance track called “Amnesia“. Today, the video just debuted and we’ve got your first look.

Starting out with a bath in hot pink high heels, Rosette sings about an unfaithful lover, as we cut back & forth to Timbaland singing (and making his token funny faces) in the studio… as he does. Throughout the video, Rosette (and the set decor in each scene) looks absolutely stunning. It’s as a story of “too little too late” and “don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” as she struts her hotness throughout the video. Sidenote: I did notice photographer Greg Swales shooting her as she flaunts her body in lingerie. Ditching her cheating man, Anjulie would likely agree that she’s “a brand new bitch“.

Denying til they die or dealing with a bad case of Amnesia, Timbaland and Brasco insist that Rosette has “got it all wrong” as she accuses them of being liars and cheats. Check out the video below and tell me you don’t love her pink heels. LOL. Fierce!

Download the song here.