After recently working David Guetta and Pitbull for the upbeat track, “Pass At Me,” Timbaland has combined forces with another big techno/house DJ yet again to come out with a hot new track called “Amnesia”. The song from Ian Carey features Vancouver’s own Rosette and the legendary Timbaland in a hot new dance track that recently premiered on a German radio station.

Since her last track (Sunloverz vs. Rosette – “Fire“) heated up the dancefloor, Rosette has been working with Carey on her new album. Coincidently, I just ran into her yesterday while walking my dogs. And, today is her birthday!! (Happy Birthday, Rosette!)

The song is about a guy who seems to forget all of the things he’s done wrong in a relationship. Rosette sings, “Maybe I can jog your memory by the time I’m done this song… You’re a liar, a cheat, unfaithful dog,” and so on. It has a good beat and it’s quite a catchy track. I’m looking forward to hearing what her album will sound like.