They’ve had various photo shoots, live events, and eliminations; it’s now down to the final 9, and our very own Adam is one of the finalists! This is the 2nd Annual, Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model, and last year’s winner- Aaron Ursacki- will be passing on his title (his tiara- let’s call it what it is!) Thursday, April 2nd at the Grand Finale at Celebrities Night Club.  

Now, for a moment, let’s pretend I’m Tyra [insert dream music- fade to…]

“Nine ‘beautiful boys’ stand before me [insert dozens of Tyra blinks], but only one of them will win the title of Vancouver’s…..Next……Gay…….Top…..Model.


Joel F:  You have the looks, the likability factor, take your shirt off at every single event, and have tried to position yourself as the funny guy- but will you have the last laugh on finale night..?

Adam:  You have a the bone structure, the tan, and the wit, but the judges wonder how skinny is too skinny and how much talking is too much, and will you end up talking your way out of the competition?

Reece:  You have beautiful brown skin, confidence, and a wild set of fans cheering you on at every event, but the judges wonder how you’d do on your own without your fans and are you capable of capturing the audience on your own right.


Micheil:  You have a rich set of wavy hair that a model would kill for, but the judges wonder if it’s enough or if you’ll be waving goodbye on finale night…

Ryan: As the eldest of the group and with one of the best bodies, the judges wonder if your tardiness will cost you and leave you singing JoJo’s, ‘Too Little, Too Late.’

Stephen: With a luscious set of locks, you stand above the rest of the models at a height of 6’6, but the judges wonder is it enough to stand out amongst the rest of the contestants.

gtmpic3Billy: With a noticeably ‘unique’ treasure trail, the judges feel there is a fierceness about you, and your singing definitely sets you apart, but the judges wonder, will you find treasure at the end of this trail, or will you be singing a song of farewell on finale night..?

Calan: As the ginger of the group, the judges feel there is a confidence and competitiveness about you that they love, but at what point does confidence become cocky, and wonder if it is the real you that they see… 

Morgan:  Your Sean Paul hair sets you apart and you have the drive and commitment necessary, but will you be reggae to bring it and take the title on April 2nd..?

Be sure to check out their next event this Sunday, March 22nd, at Maxine’s Hideaway. As the competition heats up, the boys will be down to their SWEAT Gear underwear in this Spring Fling event. Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm- all proceeds go to Friends For Life (an outstanding wellness centre in the heart of the West End)

AND definitely don’t miss out on the Grand Finale at Celebrities April 2nd, co-hosted by our very own Jonny!

So, what do you think… 

Who do you think win Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model?

  • Joel F (34 Votes)
  • Reece (31 Votes)
  • Adam (17 Votes)
  • Billy (16 Votes)
  • Calan (15 Votes)
  • Ryan (7 Votes)
  • Stephen (6 Votes)
  • Morgan (2 Votes)
  • Micheil (1 Votes)

Total Voters: 129

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