I Just Had Sex…

…And it felt so good. The Lonely Island boys are back after what seems like forever since their last… umm, do we call it a hit? Last night on SNL, the boys debuted their newest song featuring Akon called I Just Had Sex. This song reminds me why I love Andy Samberg and his wacky crew. Although this song is completely over the top and completely gratuitous, you can’t help but jam out to the chorus.

The video also has a view cameos from some of their famous friends like Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and John McEnroe. I love the concept for the video where the boys think they’ve had great sex but their partners very much disagree. Meanwhile, the song is being broadcast all over the world and in the end, becomes an anthem that unites us all.

What did you think of their newest track and video?

  • Mariano

    esta buenisimo el video causa una risa barbara. akon y the lonely island , la mejor combinacion