Everyone’s Looking For Love (And Sex) In Hunting Season’s Second Outing


With Looking officially kaput, save for a wrap-up movie special, I need a new group of gays to live vicariously through. Hunting Season just might be it. As much as I like to think I’m still in my twenties, reality is, I’m not.

I never caught the first season, but after checking out the web series’ second season trailer, my interest has been piqued. I liked Looking, but this is what the HBO dramedy should’ve been.

Hunting Season comes from the creative mind of Jon Marcus whose credits include working on Party Monster, Boys Don’t Cry and a half a dozen television pilots. Ben Baur plays the series protagonist. Think a young gay Carrie Bradshaw minus the shoe fetish. He, too, also writes about sex.

Season 2 debuts on May 5 on Vimeo On Demand. Following episodes will premiere every Tuesday for four weeks thereafter. Check out the trailer below.

Season 2 Synopsis

Figuring out what you want in your late 20s is hard enough but does keeping a secret sex blog help sort out your feelings or just remind you of all of your mistakes? For Alex (Ben Baur), incredible self-awareness in the face of endless possibility is a double-edged sword, and when he runs into someone from his past who makes him question his choices, he decides it’s time to make some changes. His two best friends are going through their own turmoil as well, as Tommy (Mark Sinoway) confronts someone who despises him and everything he stands for, and TJ (Jake Manabat) and his husband Will explore non-monogamy in their marriage.

Hunting Season: Season 2 Trailer

  • belladonnamadon

    Every year V-Day becomes more important to me & who I am. And this video makes me cry & want to reach for more when it comes to love. Because it was only like 10years ago to just kiss a Man was an act of Bravery in every Counrty. So if you have a Love don’t take them for granted.

  • The guy is cute:) And yes – it seems like every year we put more and more of a premium on V-day. Wassup with that?


  • jeremiahsaint

    that was so adorable
    I really hope companies choose to address their LGBT customers more like this in the near future – it really shows that our country is moving forward and that people are choosing to turn their ignorance into acceptance

  • Jake

    While it’s a good cause, these two guys depicted here still have way more than many others. I wonder when these commercials will pop up about the average, non-uber attractive persons that really represent daily lives rather than those model-ques individuals on ads? But then probably no one would watch that since most gays only care about how hot the guys are…..

  • bannock-hou

    So many hot peens in season one, hope they continue the trend. That restaurant flash was hot.