Adam’s Little-Known Finds: Jessica and Hunter

Right away, I will admit that to many people out there, this YouTube series is hardly “little-known”, but having been introduced to this wretchedly awesome duo just this weekend, I felt it was my duty to expose Jessica and Hunter to any of our readers who haven’t yet had the painful pleasure! Having just returned from an amazing weekend of partying with our incredibly handsome gay brethren in Seattle, I am chomping at the bit to show those north of the 49th parallel what the homos below us have been addicted to for months now. Daniel, thank you for bringing this into my life!

Hunter and Jessica are two 20-early-somethings living in LA, and personify the most heinous and brilliant stereotypes of the gay/fag hag relationship. Supplying us with more sayings than Kelly’s “Shoes” ever did, (NO disrespect ;), these two know exactly how to shock. Pushing every button and throwing the concept of PC right out the window, you’ll hate yourself for how much you laugh at their drug-enduced tirades and uber “gay” behaviour.

While “Breakfast” is my favourite video by far, “Hiking” is a close second… and has some pretty ridiculously hot guys in it as well.

Please give these videos a view and if your humour is anything close to mine, you’ll want to visit their site to see how Jessica and Hunter fare as they interview the unsuspecting public and even Perez Hilton himself.
Jessica and Hunter’s Website.

Donovan, Brian, Patrick and I are Cali-bound this Saturday, and you can sure as hell bet I’ll be keeping my eye out for these two doing lines off the sidewalk… Amaze-balls USA!

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  • Dan

    This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK! NSFW. NSFW. NSFW.

    At least not without headphones.

  • Richard Slimons

    Thank you for sharing this…LMFAO