Which Former ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Is Set To Play Hulk Hogan In Upcoming Biopic?

Hulkamania will once again take over the land. A biopic about wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan is in the works. The Hollywood Reporter shares some details about the upcoming project.

The media outlet reports Chris Hemsworth is set to portray the 80s wrestling icon. The 35-year-old Aussie is also set to co-produce along with Michael Sugar (Spotlight), Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born), Eric Bischoff and Todd Phillips (Joker). The latter will also take on directing duties.

One of the biggest names in wrestling of all time, Hogan was a fixture on TV sets in 1980s America as part of the World Wrestling Federation who subsequently parlayed his championships-winning leg drops and star power into forays into movies and television, endorsements and video games. The biopic will reportedly not delve into his later life where personal and professional conflicts took place. It’s more of an origin story about the Hulkster.

Thoughts on Hemsworth portraying Hogan? I wonder if Hemsworth will pack on even more muscle to play the 6’7″ superstar wrestler? Weigh in below.