Celebrity Commercial: Hugh Jackman for Lipton Ice Tea

This commercial has been out for a while now, but I just stumbled upon it the other day. Earlier this year, Hugh Jackman was named as Lipton Ice Tea’s global brand ambassador. So what does that mean? From the looks of it, promoting the shizz out of Lipton Ice Tea in foreign commercials for the next three years. I love how Hollywood celebrities are okay with pimping their celebrity for foreign markets but not domestic ones. With creative ads like this, I don’t see why they wouldn’t want this to air in North America.

The Wolverine star does what he does best, in this product spot titled “Tokyo Dancing Hotel“. Looking dapper and hot while dancing around in a fancy Japanese hotel. The entertaining commercial was shot by Michael Gracey who also was responsible for giving us those adorable Evian Roller Babies. In addition to this hotel romp, Jackman also shot another commercial which has yet to air. That one was filmed on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Perhaps he’ll be donning a feather boa, skimpy swimwear or some uber gay Rio Carnaval attire. One can only hope.

This was Hugh Jackman’s motivation for his role in the commercial:

“When you feel good about life, you dance, and in this commercial, I play someone who’s a little tired and run down, in a place where he doesn’t have anyone around him that he knows. He has a sip of the drink (Lipton Ice Tea) and inside he starts to feel alive and positive.”