Who’s Hugh Hefner’s New Blonde?

This weekend was to be the date that the ultimate Playboy himself, Hugh Hefner tied the knot with Crystal Harris. However, as I revealed earlier in the week, Crystal became a runaway bride and decided that pursuing her music career was more important than marrying an older gentleman and dealing with his slew of other women. While many came running to Hef’s defense no one came on stronger than former beau Holly Madison.

Instead of wallowing in the sorrows of leaving her future husband and the mansion behind, Crystal did what any gal in this situation should do… have a party at Wet Republic in Las Vegas of course. Enter Holly’s ranting Twitter comments stating that what Crystal was doing was “a new low” and “disgusting”. She also called out whomever booked her for the party calling them “tacky”. Way to keep it classy Holly.

But don’t think Hugh is crying crocodile tears. Instead, he’s been getting cozy with another blonde. Onward and upward they say. Enter Anna Sophia Berglund. This playmate was Miss January 2011 and has been seen at the mansion already moving in to Heff’s room. Anna is also the same age as Crystal which makes a few turn their heads and wonder if Anna is one of the reasons why Crystal split. I look forward to hearing the full details on this one soon.