It was a no-brainer in deciding who to highlight for this week’s Sports Stud. I have chosen three-time All-American wrestler Hudson Taylor, creator of Athlete Ally – “a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering athletes to consider their status as role models and be conscious of the words they choose, eliminating the homophobic language that is all too prevalent in sports”. Taylor is also a wrestling coach at Columbia University and is also recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Lia Mandaglio.

Earlier this week, Hudson Taylor released a video where he talks about his wrestling career and his GLBT advocacy and how they go hand in hand. Although he himself is straight, he majored in Interactive Performance Art at the University of Maryland and witnessed many gays struggle with coming out and having so many gay friends, he became more aware of the hurtful homophobic language others would employ around him (including those in his own sport). “For me and my generation, LGBT rights is a pressing issue,” said Taylor. “I believe that whatever history I’m a part of, I’m responsible for. If I feel something is unjust or unequal, I feel a responsibility to do something about it.”

Not only is he handsome, talented, and athletic – but he’s also well spoken and has a big heart too!

Here he is looking sexy in his singlet for Out Magazine.

Taking part in the NOH8 campaign.

Grr, check out those legs! Woof!

Also, check out that booty!