Vampires are so hot these days, it feels like there’s a new vampire-themed movie or TV show popping up every other day. While the undead seem to get all the glory and attention, their mythical furry counterparts often get the shaft. Well, I’m here to correct that.

I never realized this, but apparently I have a thing for werewolves. When I was writing this post, I noticed half of the contenders were previous weekly crushes of mine. I had no clue, these furry shapeshifters were my type. To honor my apparent obsession, I created a poll to ask all you diehard “True Blood“, “Twilight” or “The Vampire Diaries” viewers to decide which werewolf is the hottest. Since there are often more than one werewolf featured in these shows/movies, I opted to only select one from each. I didn’t want the poll dominated by actors from one particular offering.

Taylor Lautner

Werewolf In: Twilight: New Moon, Twilight: Eclipse, Twilight: Breaking Dawn
Millions of tweens can’t be wrong, right? Lautner was jailbait wolf meat when he first blipped on people’s radars. As he’s gotten older, he’s only gotten hotter. Whether you’re Team Jacob or Team Edward, you can’t deny Lautner probably has one of the best werewolf bodies out there, even without any CGI. Do you like your werewolf young and tender?

Jason Behr

Werewolf In: Skinwalkers
Behr starred in this little-seen 2006 werewolf action flick, but most people recognize him from his roles on The WB’s “Roswell” and “Dawson’s Creek”. I have to admit, I’ve never seen “Skinwalkers” but I might have to check it out. Have you seen Behr’s guns. Talk about lethal and dangerous. He’s 36-year-olds now, but still has boyish good looks that made plenty of “Dawson’s Creek” fans fall for him. Once a creeker, always a creeker.

Colton Haynes

Werewolf In: The Gates
Is it sad that I actually like “The Gates”? It was one of my favorite shows of the summer and not only because it featured two of my weekly crushes- Colton Haynes and James Preston. Out of the two werewolves on “The Gates”, I picked Colton to represent the show because of his killer smile. Actually it was more like a coin toss.

Taylor Kinney

Werewolf In: The Vampire Diaries
Forget Daddy, can we say, “Hello, Uncle”? Kinney made his debut as Uncle Mason Lockwood on “The Vampire Diaries” Season 2 premiere. Apparently if you’re named Taylor, you’re required to play a werewolf at least once in your lifetime. Kinney is relatively unknown prior to playing the mythical creature on The CW show. He’s coming off a leading role on NBC’s failed “Trauma”. If you want to find out more about Kinney SLASH look at hot pictures of him, head over to my weekly crush post about him.

Tom Everett Scott

Werewolf In: An American Werewolf In Paris
He was supposed to be the next big thing when Tom Hanks handpicked him out of obscurity for Hanks’ directorial debut “That Thing You Do!”. What happened? Oh, you did crappy movies like this werewolf one and “Air Buddies” and “Van Wilder” and, dot dot dot. Regardless of his bad cinematic choices, it’s hard to dismiss his classic good looks and dopey smile. He’s 40-years-old now, and could’ve fathered Taylor Lautner. How’s that for a twist. Maybe Tom should pitch that to the Twilight producers. He’s not really doing anything else.

Scott Speedman

Werewolf In: Underworld, Underworld: Evolution
I had the BIGGEST crush on him when he played Ben on “Felicity”. If he was in my high school, I would’ve followed stalked him across the country like Felicity did. He’s one of those guys who could pull off long, short or shaved hair. Since leaving TV, he’s managed to build a solid movie career. If you’re a fan of these “Underworld” movies, there are rumors a fourth installment is being considered for 2011. Oh, joy. If there’s some hot man-on-man werewolf loving, count me in.

Joe Manganiello

Werewolf In: True Blood
When I first saw shirtless pics of this stud, my jaw literally dropped. He’s so friggin’ hot, I made him one of my weekly crushes right away and bumped him into my rotation. There was no debate which “True Blood” werewolf I would choose to rep the show. Don’t get me wrong, Cooter (Grant Bowler) is super sexy, but Alcide has sex appeal oozing out of every inch of his sculpted hard body. YUMMERS.

Chris Riggi

Werewolf In: Vampires Suck
First he played half-brother to Dan Humphrey on “Gossip Girl” and now he’s spoofing Lautner’s Jacob character in the parody “Vampires Suck”. So what, if he’s made a career so far of playing a “poor man’s version” of someone. Like you’d kick him out of your bed- not me. Regardless of the silly and unattractive wolf hair, the producers make him wear in the movie, he’s washboard abs and hotness shone through. A few weeks ago, I polled readers if Chris Riggi was hotter than Taylor Lautner. Many of you said “YES”.

Michael J. Fox

Werewolf In:Teen Wolf
Ummm??? Yup, that’s right. I had to put this cheesy 80s flick on the list. In his day, Michael J. Fox was a fox. He single-handedly made this movie such a success, they made a sequel, “Teen Wolf Too”, starring Jason Bateman. The cult status of this flick still exists til this day. MTV is even considering adapting the movie into a weekly series. You’ll never guess, who’s taped to play a role on the show… Colton Haynes. From “The Gates” werewolf to “Teen Wolf” werewolf. Talk about being typecast.

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There you have it folks, the hottest actors to ever play a werewolf. If you feel, I’ve left anyone, shoot me a line below. I’m totally open to amending this poll with your suggestions. Keep in mind, I want only one actor from each show/movie. I could’ve filled the list with actors from “Twilight” alone, but I wanted to spread the wealth.