Over the past several years, vampires have definitely become incredibly popular in TV & movies…like some sort of fang fetish. That said, I don’t think anyone has been complaining, considering that according to all of these shows, vampires are always really hot, they seldom wear shirts, and they swing both ways. Put a show like that on television and that’s something we can really sink our teeth into!

The two biggest vampire shows on television are True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Since Donovan has already brought you True Blood’s Top 10 Hottest Hunks, I’ve decided to draw some attention to the sexy studs of CW’s The Vampire Diaries. Who’s the hottest? Check out their photos and vote in the poll below.

Ian Somerhalder – “Damon Salvatore”

Look at those eyes! He’s the first of many “Vampires” in this list, and definitely someone you may want to sink your teeth into. Before Vampire Diaries, he got his breakthrough on the hit TV series Lost. He’s had a pretty extensive modeling and acting career overall, but takes the time to give back, devoting a lot of his time to some good causes when he’s not working. A big shot with a big heart!

Paul Wesley – “Stefan Salvatore”

The “good” Vampire brother, this fellow Pisces with brooding good looks speaks both English and Polish, enjoys snowboarding and playing hockey. He’s had several small roles in a number of well known shows, but his big break has definitely been Vampire Diaries. Who wouldn’t want to make an entry in his diary?

Steven R. McQueen – “Jeremy Gilbert”

The sexy McQueen is the youngest of the bunch at 22 years old. With this being his first big acting gig, I’m sure he has a bright future in the biz ahead of him (and ideally many more shirtless pictures in the future). If you’re hungry for more McQueen, you can catch him in Piranha 3D which recently came out on DVD.

Zach Roerig – “Matt Donovan”

Roerig has a ripped body, that’s for sure! Prior to Vampire Diaries, he made his round on Daytime Soaps, including One Life to Live and As The World Turns. His hotness goes up for the sports he played in highschool: football and wrestling. I think all soap stars & Vampire Diaries stars should get into wresting…each other.

Matt Davis – “Alaric Saltzman”

I first saw this guy in Legally Blonde, alongside Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair and later in Blue Crush. The studly 32 year old now plays a high school teacher in Vampire Diaries. Is TILF a thing? If it is, it certainly applies here.

Michael Trevino – “Tyler Lockwood”

This sexy 26 year old has had a pretty descent acting career thus far, mostly guest starring on shows until getting this regular role on Vampire Diaries. As a werewolf on the hit show, his adoring fans would love to see him howl I’m sure. He is rumored to be dating Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz (the Asian girl) on Glee.

Who is the hottest hunk on The Vampire Diaries?

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