15 Hottest Survivor Guys Ever

Tonight, Jeff Probst reveals the winner of Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites II. I can’t believe he’s about to do this for the 26th time. The season started out slow, but is one of the more memorable iterations to date. With Brandon Hantz’s epic meltdown, Malcolm Freberg’s insane immunity idol stunt at tribal council and Brenda’s heartwrenching blindside, this season had it all. I thought it was a perfect time to rotate this post and squeeze in this season’s hottie, Eddie Fox, on the list. See where he falls in line.

While the purpose of the game is to Outwit, Outlast and Outplay everyone, there is a far greater prize to be won. Who’s the hottest Survivor guy ever? Since the pool of male hotness was so abundant, I had to split up my list- those who made the jury and those who didn’t. If you’re a regular reader of Homorazzi.com, you might’ve already read my The 10 Hottest Survivor Guys NOT To Make The Jury post, if not, check it out now.

It’s always interesting to see which of the guys end up being my Survivor Man Crush of the season. Sometimes, the ones I find hottest at the beginning, I lose interest in. While the ones who I’m not attracted too initially, only get sexier as each episode airs. Some guys just look hotter with a bit of scruff, more tanned and emaciated. I know you agree with me. The list hasn’t been updated with anyone from the current season…yet. So without further ado, let the countdown begin.

15. Burton Roberts

Season: Survivor Pearl Islands (Season 7)
Place: 13th Voted Out

Burton could’ve easily made my other list due to the fact he was voted out earlier in the game. Due to the “Outcast Twist”, he along with Lillian returned to the game. While the remaining contestants weren’t crazy about this twist, I was beyond ecstatic. Just look at him. He’s one big beefy hairy drink of water. In the pirate-themed season, I’d let him play with my doubloons.

14. Yul Kwon

Season: Survivor Cook Islands (Season 13)
Place: Winner

In the “Race Season”, Yul Kwon masterfully played the hidden immunity Idol to give his underdog alliance the upper hand. The abs and toned body definitely makes him sexy, but the brains just puts him over-the-top. Now I’ve got a craving for some Korean BBQ. Tasty.

13. Judd “Fabio” Birza

Season: Survivor Nicaragua (Season 21)
Place: Winner

Fabio is a prime example of someone who got hotter as each day went by. At the beginning of the season, he wasn’t even in my Top 3 guys on his season. But as he got further into the competition, Fabio became less cheesy and became Fabio-lous. Even though I wrote earlier that brains are a turn on like Yul Kwon, there’s something even HOTTER about a guy who is as dumb as rocks with a rockin’ bod. Ergo Fabio. PS. You have to check out his homoerotic film.

12. Ethan Zohn

Season: Survivor Africa (Season 3)
Place: Winner

WOW. Apparently I have a thing for winners. That’s three Sole Survivors in a row. Maybe subconsciously I’m a gold digger. LOL. Anyhoo. Ethan was the first hottie winner of the game. Once he made the Final 2, he was a shoo-in to win the $1,000,000. How could they say “no” to his winning smile and dark curly locks. This soccer player could dribble my balls any day of the week. Mazel.

11. Marcus Lehman

Season: Survivor Gabon (Season 17)
Place: 9th Voted Out

Marcus was so hot he caused an uproar. CBS received a bunch of angry emails from viewers who were offended when they saw Marcus’ goods popping out of his underwear. During a challenge, editors neglected to blur out the offending “member”. Who are these puritanical prudes? The only thing that would make Survivor better is if they showed more nudity. LOL. Speaking of which, I’d let this hot doctor conduct a physical on me anytime.

10. Ozzy Lusth

Season: Survivor Cook Islands (Season 13)
Place: Runner-Up

In arguably one of the best and most worthy Final 2 ever, Ozzy narrowly lost out to Yul by just one vote. Ozzy dominated his season with his athletic prowess and fish-like swimming abilities. He was another one who only got hotter as the season went on. Initially I was more drawn to Adam Gentry and JP Calderon, but in the end Ozzy won me over. He may have lost the title of Sole Survivor to Yul Kwon, but Ozzy tops him (wink) on my hotness list.

9. Grant Mattos

Season: Survivor Redemption Island (Season 22)
Place: 13th Voted Out

Being a former football player, Grant has probably had his fair share of getting his bootylicious behind patted during all those huddles 😉 There was something about that hairy chest and long dreaded hair that had my lions tingling. I had dreams of him whisking me away in those big arms of his. Grant would actually be higher on my list, but I lost interest when he showed up at the reunion. Dude, chopped off his hair. He was like Samson… and lost all his sexual power with his shorter do.

8. Eddie Fox

Season: Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites II (Season 26)
Place: TBD

Before the season started, I was already crushin’ on him. After watching the first couple of episodes, he completely turned me off with his claims about being part of the hot and cool alliance. LAME. As the season wore on though, I fell back in lust with him. The scruffier and more clueless about strategy he got, the more I was sexually attracted to him. What can I say, I like a dumb hot guy. I’m sure I’m not alone 😉

7. Jamie Newton

Season: Survivor Guatemala (Season 11)
Place: 11th Voted Out

When I first saw the cast photos for this season, Jamie did absolutely nothing for me. Then when I saw the first episode, I further got turned off. This guy was one big douche. But as the weeks wore on, his douchieness became appealing. All of a sudden, I found myself attracted to this redneck. I blame it on island fever, which totally doesn’t make sense as they weren’t even on an island this season.

6. Aras Baskauskas

Season: Survivor Panama – Exile Island (Season 12)
Place: Winner

Aras’ season introduced Exile Island. If I was on this season, I’d gladly spend some quality time exiled with Aras. He was one tasty Greek dish. Yum, souvlaki. No matter how gross or disheveled everyone got, Aras always managed to have perfectly coiffed hair. Talk about wash and go. Jealous.

5. Brendon Synnott

Season: Survivor Tocantins (Season 18)
Place: 7th Voted Out

Brendon just screamed “HOT SEX” whenever he came on screen. I don’t know what it was, but there was something about Brendon that looked like he’d be fun lay. Yup, I went there. Definitely Final 5 material in my hottest countdown.

4. John Fincher

Season: Survivor Samoa (Season 19)
Place: 10th Voted Out

Two words. Rocket scientist. Back in the day when I used to recap Survivor, I fawned over John’s hottest every week. I loved his dark features and curly hair. He didn’t have a bad body, but it was his face that had me swooning and weak in the knees.

3. Jay Byars

Season: Survivor One World (Season 24)
Place: 7th Voted Out

The second I saw Jay Byars, I knew he would make my list. The only question remained on which list- the one for jury members or the other one. He’s like John Fincher (above) but with a hot body. Correction, SMOKING HOT BODY. Seriously, I would lick every inch of his body if given the chance. Byars might’ve placed higher on my list if he didn’t suffer from David Beckham-itis. Hot stud with a helium-like voice. If you want more hot pictures of Jay, check out my Model Behavior feature on him.

2. Colby Donaldson

Season: Survivor Australian Outback (Season 2)
Place: Runner-up

He was a runner-up during his season and now he’s runner up again on my countdown. Poor Colby. There are probably a few of you out there who think it’s blasphemous that Colby isn’t No. 1 on my list, but hey, he’s still second place. This Texan stud won millions of people over with his cowboy swagger. Like wine, Colby has only gotten better with age. He looks as studly, if not more now, than he did then. They do make everything bigger in Texas.

1. Chase Rice

Season: Survivor Nicaragua (Season 21)
Place: Runner-up

Say what? YUPPERS. Chase is the hottest Survivor player in my books. There’s something about a midwest boy with a well-defined torso that just does it for me. He was kinda of a flip-flopper on his season, which is fine by me. Who doesn’t love a versatile boy? Adding to his sexiness even more, was the fact he plays the guitar. Something about a boy who can strum a guitar makes me all hot and bothered.

Nicaragua was definitely of my favorite seasons. Not for any interesting twists or anything like that, but mostly because it had the most number of eye candy of any season. See a couple of hotties that made the honorable mentions list below.

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Honorable Mentions

With so many seasons under Jeff Probst’s belt, there were simply too many men that I had to cut from my Top 15 Hottest Survivors list. The following five hotties made the jury and certainly deserve their due. In no particular order, here are five studs that received the my shaft *wink* are: Matt Elrod (Redemption Island); Gregg Carey (Survivor Palau); Ben “Benry” Henry (Survivor Nicaragua); Mick Trimming (Survivor Samoa); and Mike Chiesl (Redemption Island).

I’m 100% certain that my rankings don’t fall in line with yours. I’d love to hear who you think the Hottest Survivor Hunks are. Post them all below. Keep in mind, this list is for those who made it on the jury and beyond. No pre-jury hotties allowed. They’re meant for my other list.

  • Enye Corsino

    WTF where is Russel Hantz… easily the hottest guy from middle earth!

  • Aaron Harkins

    No wonder AIDS is rampant.

  • Clark

    I hope you update this list. There are some good looking men in recent seasons. ;D