Queen Elizabeth’s Grand-Nephew Is All Grown Up & Swole

Watch out Prince Harry! There’s someone looking to snatch your “Sexiest Royal” crown. Sure, he’s 23rd in line for the throne, but at least he’s still in the queue.

Arthur Chatto was Queen Elizabeth’s former page boy. The now 18-year-old is the grandson of Princess Margaret, making him Elizabeth’s grand-nephew. Now that he’s of legal age, he has no problem showing off that hot royal body of his. If that wasn’t enough sexiness for you, he knows his way around bagpipes. Young stud knows how to blow 😉

Check out a couple of pics below. Now that he’s going viral, expect Chatto to update his Instagram account more often. At least, I’m hoping he does.


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Angering the neighbours

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Blonde and Baldy

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