London 2012 Olympics: 15 Hottest Male Divers Ranked

Since my previous post ranking the Top 15 Hottest Male Gymnasts proved so popular and surprisingly controversial, I thought I’d objectify divers next. Before I begin, I just wanted to address several comments I received on my last post.

First of all, I want to reiterate I’m ranking only divers in this post. I was shocked by the number of comments informing me I forgot their favorite athletes who weren’t even gymnasts on my previous list. People… read the title. Please no comments how I erroneously snubbed so and so from other sporting disciplines like track and field, swimming, etc. LOL.

Secondly, I love the fact that people only see race in these frivolous posts. It’s funny how people lump people who aren’t Asian or black into the white category. And PS, I’m not a potato (Asian on the outside and white on the inside) as accused by some of you. If anything, I’m Asian on the outside and black on the inside. Just ask my friends about my vernacular when I’m tipsy or watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta 😉

Thirdly, I’m not American, but rather Canadian. That rebuffs a claim by a couple of you who thought my hottest gymnast was based solely on patriotism. Jake Dalton is hot no matter what country he’s from. That being said, my pick for hottest diver is based partially on national pride. LOL. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, check out my picks for the Top 15 hottest divers competing at the 2012 London Olympics.

Top 15 Hottest Male Divers

15. Amund Nordal Gismervik

Country: Norway
Age: 21

I’d go sailing and pillaging with this tasty Viking any day of the week. I’m sure his “Oslo” is pretty damn fine.

14. Troy Dumais

Country: United States of America
Age: 32

In a sea of twinks, it’s nice to have a daddy in the mix. Experience counts for a lot, especially in the bedroom 😉

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13. Stefanos Paparounas

Country: Greece
Age: 22

How adorable is he? It’s amazing what velocity will do to even the prettiest of faces.

12. Damien Cely

Country: France
Age: 23

I never knew divers came this beefy. Me likey.

11. Chris Mears

Country: United Kingdom
Age: 19

Tom Daley’s diving teammate and lip dub co-star. They’re sexy and they know it. Watch the video and you’ll agree.

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10. Patrick Hausding

Country: Germany
Age: 23

He looks so happy hugging his diving buddy. A little to happy, if you ask me.

9. Sascha Klein

Country: Germany
Age: 26

Just in case you were curious to know who’s butt that was in the previous pic, it’s this sexy German diver. Klein and Hausding are synchronized partners. Now, that’s one hot sandwich I want to be in the middle of. Someone bring the mayo 😉

8. Ivan Garcia Navarro

Country: Mexico
Age: 18

A little loving embrace after earning an Olympic silver medal. He’d even be cuter with two eyebrows. LOL.

7. Chong He

Country: China
Age: 25

With that stomach, he definitely doesn’t eat as many carbs as I do. All brown rice or quinoa for Chong.

6. Javier Illana Garcia

Country: Spain
Age: 26

If Ricky Martin and Cheyenne Jackson had a kid and he became a diver, here is the result. He’s probably even sexier shaking his bon bon.

5. Matthew Mitcham

Country: Australia
Age: 24

Openly-gay Mitcham is one Aussie I’d like to visit his down under 😉

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4. David Boudia

Country: United States of America
Age: 23

He’s a sexier better looking Jim Carrey, don’t you think?

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3. Tommaso Rinaldi

Country: Italy
Age: 21

Holy tall, dark and handsome. His Italian sausage looks like it wants out of those tight speedos. Free Willy.

2. Tom Daley

Country: United Kingdom
Age: 18

A little too young for my taste, but I know the gays love him. By the time the next Olympics roll around in Rio, he’ll be number one on my list. A little older and wiser.

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1. Alexandre Despatie

Country: Canada
Age: 27

Some might call it patriotism since I’m a Canuck, but I just had to give Alexandre the title. I’ve been a fan of this French Canadian for many years. Who can blame me? Just look at him. And he’s even hotter when he speaks with his adorable accent.

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What do you of think of my rankings? Did I rank someone too high or too low? Did I snub one of your favorites? Sound off below.

  • Steve-O

    If you like beefy divers you should have checked out tom daley’s synchro partner Peter Water they guy is SUPER beefy

  • Steve-O

    If you like beefy divers you should have checked out tom daley’s synchro partner Peter Waterfield they guy is SUPER beefy

  • Mike

    I think the term you were looking for is Banana (Yellow on outside White inside lol) not potato Lol.

  • @mike Actually, the commenter used “potato” because I’m of Filipino descent and darker skinned. That’s why I used potato instead of banana. LOL. Who knew produce would be a topic of discussion on Homorazzi? LOL

  • Dbrewer75

    Chong He is delicious

  • Oscar

    What about Tomas Gonzalez from Chile!!!

  • Mike

    Ahhh I see what u mean now i’m half chinese and half viet so I use the term Banana more lol

  • @Oscar Cute.. but he’s a gymnast and this post is about divers 😉

  • jordan

    Chase was asking is Donovan a “potato queen” – A potato queen is a gay asian male who is predominantly attracted to only gay white males. A ‘Potato’ describes the gay white male AND his supposed primary food form.

  • Chris

    Blah never got the fascination with Tom Daley definitely not number 2 worthy.

  • Ryan

    Tom Daley at Beijing was even hotter.

  • @Ryan Umm…. wasn’t he like 14 then???? Oh no…

  • I think Ivan Garcia Navarro unibrow is sexy }:-)

  • Poonlarp

    Shame on you Ryan . . . or is your real name Jerry Sandusky?

  • Rob

    Definately Alex is the cutest male diver of all times!

    I would have included in the top 15: Yahel Castillo (Mexico) and Matthieu Rosset (France)

  • antaeus.nancy

    Il faut patienter quelques années et Damien Cely sera absolument splendide.
    It is necessary to wait a few years and Damien Cely will be absolutely magnificent !

  • lj

    how about Hugo Parisi and Riley McCormick?

  • JohnC

    Ivan Garcia is my favourite with his cute smile, stubble, hairy legs, six-pack and everything else. Oh, and he’s 5’5″ tall which makes him the same height and stubbliness as the most gorgeous man in the world (Daniel Radcliffe).

  • MarkB

    It has to be Tommaso Rinaldi for me. He’s gorgeous to look at and his feet are amazing!! He really knows how to point his toes on a dive.