Man Crush 2011 Showdown: Round 2 (May-Aug)

Just like my 2011 Model Behavior Showdown this week, the first round of my Man Crush competition is officially over. Coming in on top was Jonathan D. Lovitz with 26% of the votes. Gotta love his pimping of the showdown on his Facebook page. It’s all about PR people. With 22%, “Thor” hottie Chris Hemsworth came in second place. Perhaps, he should’ve tweeted last week’s Round 1 to all his fans. He actually might’ve come out on top. On second thought, I like my Hemsworth on the bottom 😉

Both Lovitz and Hemsworth automatically earn spots in the finals. Third and fourth place finishers Brant Daugherty and Jon McLaughlin still might land one of the four wild card spots depending on how their vote totals rank when compared to all three rounds. I’m secretly hoping McLaughlin squeezes in there. He’s soooooooo cute.

Enough about last week, let’s check out all the Man Crush hotties competing in Round 2. Each of these boys won my cyber heart for at least one week from the months of May til August of 2011. You can be my mirror, mirror on the wall and tell me which one of them is the fairest *ahem* sexiest *ahem* of them all. Vote for all your favorites and spread the word.

Man Crush 2011 Showdown Round 2

If you want to check out more pictures of each of the guys, simply click on the original feature date to take you there.

Prince Carl Philip Of Sweden

Original Feature: May 5, 2011

Occupation: Royal Heartthrob

Why I Chose Him: Forget Prince William and Prince Harry. This Orlando Bloom doppleganger is my Prince Charming. He’s Sweden’s best export since IKEA.

Justin Gaston

Original Feature: May 12, 2011

Occupation: Actor, Model, Former Miley Cyrus Arm Candy

Why I Chose Him: I’ve been crushin’ on him for years. Him posing naked for PETA this year met all my expectations and then some.

Chris Powell

Original Feature: May 19, 2011

Occupation: Professional Trainer, ABC Reality Host

Why I Chose Him: The second DWTS host Tom Bergeron introduced Powell and his new ABC show, I knew he’d be the man of my dreams… at least for a week. I’d hire him to whip my body into shape in and out of the gym.

Andrew Dipalma

Original Feature: May 27, 2011

Occupation: Actor

Why I Chose Him: All I remember from last year’s season finale of “Cougar Town” was Andrew’s hot body. Does anything else matter?

Andy Cohen

Original Feature: Jun 2, 2011

Occupation: Network Executive, Professional Real Housewives Groupie

Why I Chose Him: I was in the mood for a little silver fox action. I’m going to meet Cohen one of these days. Mark my words.

Cody Longo

Original Feature: Jun 2, 2011

Occupation: Actor, Teen Heartthrob

Why I Chose Him: As part of my first ever double Man Crush, I wanted a young cub to offset Cohen’s daddy hotness. Cody’s tight body definitely fit the bill.

Johann Urb

Original Feature: Jun 9, 2011

Occupation: Actor, Model

Why I Chose Him: His “Thor’ish” good looks had me momentarily forgetting Chris Hemsworth. Momentarily being the operative word.

Travis Van Winkle

Original Feature: Jun 16, 2011

Occupation: Actor

Why I Chose Him: His blond golden locks won me over. That A&F face and body didn’t hurt either.

The Challenge Rivals Studs

Original Feature: Jun 23, 2011

Occupation: Real World Lifers

Why I Chose Him: Watching MTV’s guilty pleasure is already fun enough, but when you add a handful of buff hotties, it’s PG porn.

Drew Van Acker

Original Feature: Jun 30, 2011

Occupation: Pretty Little Liar, Actor

Why I Chose Him: The second he showed up all sweaty on Pretty Little Liars, I was mesmerized. Drew Van Hottie.

Matt Pokora

Original Feature: Jul 7, 2011

Occupation: French Singer

Why I Chose Him: This French Justin Timberlake hit all the right notes with me. The tats, hair and eyes, it’s all magnifique.

Justin Deeley

Original Feature: Jul 14, 2011

Occupation: Actor

Why I Chose Him: Justin’s addition to 90210 made losing Teddy Montgomery less painful. Plus he looks really good in skimpy underwear.

Marco Dapper

Original Feature: Jul 21, 2011

Occupation: Actor & Sloppy Seconds

Why I Chose Him: He is and will always be the hottest guy to appear in any of the “Eating Out” movies. I still have a slight boner thinking about his naked scenes in the second film.

Josh Pence

Original Feature: Jul 28, 2011

Occupation: Model, Actor

Why I Chose Him: There’s something deliciously dirty about him. Maybe it’s that mustache he frequently sports.

Mike Vogel

Original Feature: Aug 11, 2011

Occupation: Actor

Why I Chose Him: As part of my Fall preview, Vogel’s role as a pilot on “Pan-Am” had me wanting to join the mile high club come September.

Jason O’Mara

Original Feature: Aug 18, 2011

Occupation: Actor

Why I Chose Him: Actually, Tyrell picked him while I was vacationing in Europe. I approve.

Haris Giakoumatos

Original Feature: Aug 25, 2011

Occupation: Actor & Greek god

Why I Chose Him: While summering in Mykonos, I fell hard for Souvlaki and Greek men. Both come with tasty white sauce *wink*

2011 Man Crush Showdown: Who's The Hottest Crush From Round 2? (check all the apply)

  • 13. Marco Dapper (269 Votes)
  • 02. Justin Gaston (210 Votes)
  • 11. Matt Pokora (191 Votes)
  • 15. Mike Vogel (188 Votes)
  • 10. Drew Van Acker (152 Votes)
  • 06. Cody Longo (140 Votes)
  • 03. Chris Powell (108 Votes)
  • 07. Johann Urb (98 Votes)
  • 01. Prince Carl Philip Of Sweden (94 Votes)
  • 12. Justin Deeley (91 Votes)
  • 08. Travis Van Winkle (87 Votes)
  • 17. Haris Giakoumatos (73 Votes)
  • 16. Jason O’Mara (66 Votes)
  • 05. Andy Cohen (61 Votes)
  • 04. Andrew Dipalma (39 Votes)
  • 14. Josh Pence (32 Votes)
  • 09. The Challenge Rivals Studs (30 Votes)

Total Voters: 779

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  • SLade

    This Was super hard, after like 10 min lol I had it narrowed to Mike.V or Cody lol went with CODY!!!

  • Brian

    Speaking of “super hard” errrr moving on lol……I managed to narrow my vote down to 4 and it took longer than 10 min.

  • Owen

    Justin Deeley for sure. That cowboy can ride me anytime.

  • Robert

    Andy Cohen is smart and sexy! I love Jewish guys!