London 2012 Olympics: 15 Hottest Male Gymnasts Ranked

Now that the men’s team competition is over, I thought it was the perfect time to objectify the London 2012 Olympic male gymnasts. Like many of you, I’ve been glued to my television the past few days marveling at their death-defying tricks and display of tremendous strength. That said, I did find it hard to stay focused on their routines sometimes given how hot a few of them are. My mind tended to wander off to la la land. And by la la land, you know what I mean.

Even though the first set of medals have been handed out at the North Greenwich Arena, there is still plenty of men’s gymnastics left on the program. You have the individual all-around plus all the apparatus events to contest. If you haven’t seen some of my ranked studs as of yet, you’ll definitely be seeing them in the coming days. Without further ado, let the hottie Olympics begin.

Top 15 Hottest Male Gymnasts

15. Daniel Purvis

Country: Great Britain
Age: 21

Who doesn’t love a little strawberry shortcake every now and then?

14. David Belyavskiy

Country: Russia
Age: 20

I’d like to go inside his “Kremlin” 😉

13. Fabian Leimlehner

Country: Austria
Age: 24

This Austrian’s abs are alive with the “Sound of Music”.

12. Sam Mikulak

Country: United States of America
Age: 19

Flexible, beefy and a little Ronnie’ish from Jersey Shore. A winning combination.

11. Nathan Gafuik

Country: Canada
Age: 27

O, Canada… true north strong and free indeed. Love his rosy cheeks.

10. Marcel Nguyen

Country: Germany
Age: 24

Who knew sauerkraut and pho would make such a delicious beefy dish?

9. Epke Zonderland

Country: Netherlands
Age: 26

They call him the “flying Dutchman”. I’d like a first class ticket on his airline.

8. Louis Smith

Country: Great Britain
Age: 23

Imagine getting a front row seat at that gymnastics show in the right pic? Floppy penis and balls all over the place.

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7. Tommy Ramos

Country: Puerto Rico
Age: 26

This rings specialist is muy caliente in my book.

6. Fabian Hambuchen

Country: Germany
Age: 24

I’ve been crushin’ on this adorable German stud for years now. He’s only getting better with age.

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5. Alexander Shatilov

Country: Israel
Age: 25

Mazel, you sexy beast.

4. Danell Leyva

Country: United States of America
Age: 20

Gotta love a boy willing to show off his hard off at the gym on his iPhone and to ESPN readers.

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3. Gael da Silva

Country: France
Age: 27

I’d like to tasty this Frenchman’s baguette 😉

2. Philipp Boy

Country: Germany
Age: 25

There’s nothing boy’ish about Philipp. He’s all man. Too bad he choked during the qualification round. Love how his hair never gets mussed despite all the acrobatics.

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1. Jake Dalton

Country: United States of America
Age: 20

DUH!!! Like there was ever any doubt that Jacob (Jake) Dalton wouldn’t top my list. This guy is sex on a stick. An absolute perfect “10” in my books. I especially love that mole on his neck. It’s so early 2000s Josh Hartnett.

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2012 London Olympics: Who's The Hottest Male Gymnast?

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Honorable Mentions

  • Kristian Thomas: Great Britan, 23
  • Oleg Stepko: Ukraine, 18
  • Pierre Yves Beny: France, 29
  • Sebastian Krimmer: Germany, 22

What do you of think of my rankings? Did I rank someone too high or too low? Did I snub one of your favorites? Sound off below.

  • jason

    Looking forward to u doing olympic swimmers next! Chad le Clos is one of the hottest men Ive ever seen

  • Drew

    Wha? No Johnathan Horton?

  • Ken

    Not one Asian – Really?!? You bad!!

  • Eddie Ortega

    Why don’t you check Daniel Corral from Mexico!!

  • Jed

    Umm, John orozco? And what about the sexy sexy daddy, Jordan Jovtvhev?

  • Regen

    My wish is to have a boyfriend like any of those LOL! Anyway, I think Danell Leyva & Jake Dalton are the hottests!

  • arc

    why no tom daley?

  • Cristopher

    No Tomas Gonzalez from Chile? What a shame! :/

  • urrka

    Ugggh, sry, but this is REALLY whitewashed…like blatantly. I understand to each their own, but come on.. This is partly why I can’t look at Homorazzi any more…. just..ugh

  • Alejandro

    Daniel Purvis ALL THE WAY

  • Kevin

    Do divers next! Olympic divers are fucking sexy.

  • Perla

    You missed Ryohei Kato!! I love him!
    Also, I didn’t like all of this…

  • Steve-O

    Nguyen is half asian! Besides all the Japanese and Chinese gymnast have some seriously bad cases of facial acne….too many steroids!

  • dd

    no Thomas daley?

  • Sebastián

    Tomás González deserved a spot… Check him out!!

  • Daniel

    Tomás Gonzáles from Chile should have been in this list!

  • kyle

    google this “hamilton sabot”

  • ScottyP.

    Is there an Olympic rule that no competitors can have any body hair?

  • Dm lewis

    I think Danell Levaya needs to be moved up as his has sextpics out there, that are sooooooo good.

  • Brendan

    Danell Leyva, please! 😀

  • Chase

    Is Donovan a potato queen? The answer is quite obvious from his list. There are many hot guys, Asian or else, not a single (except the German-Vietnamese mixed Marcel) non-white guy is on the list. SHAME!

  • What bollocks are you writing Chase? Louis Smith of Great Britain is very much a Black Man. Also if you haven’t seen Gymnastics at the Olympics, its like trying to find a White Guy in a 100metre sprint line up. Please get a clue and put YOUR SHAMEFUL race issues aside. THIS SITE IS ABOUT FUN

  • lukasrossi

    you fuckin racists. not a single Asian entry.

  • Fredo

    Uh, John Orozco. And I don’t think Jake Dalton (pretty eyes and all) is hotter than Louis Smith or Danell Leyva.

  • eric

    obviously written and ranked by an American. yawn.

  • Xander

    Tom Daley BY FAR is the hottest….well, I think him and Jake Dalton are top 2 for sure, but there’s a charm about Tom Daley that Dalton doesn’t have.

  • For those of you who continue to throw some divers and other Olympians names in here may I remind you this is a hottest male GYMNAST list. LOL A divers list is coming soon – stay tuned.

  • andrew

    There is no doubt about it, Jake Dalton is one of the finest looking men on the planet.

  • Craig

    Arthur Zanetti from Brazil is gold on the rings 🙂

  • amber

    what about johnathan horton

  • Shaun

    I was sure Thomas Pichler of Australia was going to be your No 1! And should have been 🙂

  • ManuConce

    You definitely missed Tomás González from Chile. Fourth at both Men’s Floor Exercise and Vault.
    Check it out:

  • gggg

    haha, not a single asian guy (marcel nguyen doesn’t count). open your mind a little man.

  • Jane

    I think Tommy Ramos, from uerto Rico, is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I love him!!!

  • RAGG

    You should do one for the hot rhythmic gymnastics girls!!!!!!! They are all so beautiful :))):$

  • angelo

    smh that fabian is so low. he could smd tho.

  • Nicole

    Why is everyone white?

  • Daniel Schlachta

    “Love how his hair never gets mussed despite all the acrobatics.”

    That’s called a buzz cut. It’s the shortest kind of haircut that’s actually a haircut.

  • Daniel Schlachta

    Because the people who do this are usually quite privileged.