SYTYCD Male Dancers Ranked, Who’s The Hottest?

Another season of So You Think You Dance premieres tomorrow. Can you believe it’s the tenth season? It just seems like yesterday when the dancing competition began. In its inaugural season, it was all about crowning America’s Best Dancer. Realizing it was just one big popularity contest, it quickly changed to America’s favorite dancer. For the purpose of this post, it’s all about crowning America’s hottest dancer. My kind of contest.

Over the years, FOX’s dancing competition has featured a bevy of flexible studs, dropping it like it’s hot while shirtless and sweaty. Every season there seems to be one or a couple male contestants that captivate the hearts and eyes of teenage girls and horny gay men everywhere. I decided to go back through all the seasons and pick the Top 15 hottest male dancers to ever compete on the show. Will recently-anointed winner Chehon Wespi-Teschopp make the cut? One particular season dominated my list, owning all Top 3 slots. Find out which one and my HOTTEST pick below.

SYTYCD Top 15 Hottest Male Dancers

15. Dmitry Chaplin

Season: 2, Top 10

Post SYTYCD: Appeared on Dancing With The Stars partnering with Holly Madison (Season 8), Mya (Season 9) & Petra Nemcova (Season 12).

Why I Picked Him: He’s got that Russian boy-next-door appeal to him. Da?

14. Brandon Bryant

Season: 5, Runner-up

Post SYTYCD: Brandon appeared in the Glee episode titled “Bad Reputation. He danced in the “Physical” number with Olivia Newton-John and the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” performance. Bryant has also appeared in his underwear for one of Andrew Christian’s sexy vids.

Why I Picked Him: That smile, his muscles and most importantly… that bodacious booty.

13. Jakob Karr

Season: 6, Runner-up

Post SYTYCD: Danced in the Cirque du Soleil show Viva Elvis in Las Vegas. Karr also toured with Rasta Thomas’s touring company Bad Boys of Dance.

Why I Picked Him: Just look how sexy he looks with his legs in the air. So flexible 😉

12. Marko Germar

Season: 8, 3rd Place

Post SYTYCD: Appears in the upcoming Disney TV movie, Teen Beach Musical, with fellow SYTYCD alums, Mollee Gray, Kent Boyd and Ricky Jaime.

Why I Picked Him: Gotta support my fellow Filipino, plus he has a bullet lodged in his shoulder. That’s bad-ass.

11. Nick Lazzarini

Season: 1, Winner

Post SYTYCD: Landed cover of Dance Spirit magazine twice. Co-founded Evolution Dance Company with best buddy and Season 1 runner-up Melody Lacayanga. Stars in Oxygen’s new reality series, All The Right Moves with Travis Wall, chronicling their new dance company in LA called Shaping Sound.

Why I Picked Him: His audition to Lifehouse’s “Storm” is still one of my favorites of all-time.

10. Travis Wall

Season: 2, Runner-up

Post SYTYCD: Has become a regular choreographer for SYTYCD with a couple of Emmy nods to his name. Choreographed dance numbers for MTV VMAs, Olympic All-Around Champion Natasia Liukin’s floor routine and performed on Dancing With The Stars‘ results show several times. Like Lazzarini, he stars in Oxygen’s reality show, All The Right Moves.

Why I Picked Him: Talent is sexy and he has it oozing out of his pores. Plus, he was robbed in Season 2. Wall should’ve won over Benji Schwimmer.

9. Pasha Kovalev

Season: 3, Top 6

Post SYTYCD: Is a professional dancer on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing (UK DWTS). Kovalev joined the cast of Jason Gilkison’s production Burn the Floor in 2009 and left in 2011. Appeared on Broadway during the show’s stint on the Great White Way.

Why I Picked Him: If Dmitry is the Russian boy-next-door, Pasha is the Russian bad boy. He looks like he’s been punched in the face, but it works. I love me some Pasha.

8. AdéChiké Torbert

Season: 7, 4th Place

Post SYTYCD: Appeared in Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” music video.

Why I Picked Him: He makes me want to get all primal on that sexy torso of his.

7. Black McGrath

Season: 1, Top 6

Post SYTYCD: Judge on Canadian version of SYTYCD. Danced for Madonna, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Adam Lambert to name a few. Film credits include Rent and Chicago. Appeared on the Jennifer Lopez-produced reality show, DanceLife.

Why I Picked Him: He seems like a bit of a douche, but there is no denying he is one hot piece of ass. The things I could do to discipline him 😉

6. Kent Boyd

Season: 7, Runner-up

Post SYTYCD: Appeared as Jordan on ABC Family’s Bunheads and starring in upcoming Disney movie, Teen Beach Musical.

Why I Picked Him: Kent’s lips were made for (blank). You fill in the dirty action of choice. Now that he’s getting older and buffer, he’s even more attractive Just look at his sexy defined back.

5. Chehon Wespi-Tschopp

Season: 9, Winner

Post SYTYCD: He just won, so nada.

Why I Picked Him: I was rooting for him since day one. Chehon has probably cried the most in SYTYCD history. He’s a hottie with a heart and a sexy body to match.

4. Mark Kanemura

Season: 4, Top 6

Post SYTYCD: Numerous magazine spreads and Lady Gaga’s main dancer on tour and in music videos. Like many on this list, he’s appeared on Glee and several music videos for recording artists.

Why I Picked Him: I do like my sushi. He’s only gotten hotter over the years. Love his style and his ever-changing hair.

3. Neil Haskell

Season: 3, 3rd Place

Post SYTYCD: Cast in national tours of musicals, West Side Story and Bring It On. Starred in MTV’s film The American Mall as Drew.

Why I Picked Him: During Season 3, my friends were all swooning over him. Definitely the hottest blond to ever appear on the show.

2. Kameron Bink

Season: 3, Top 10

Post SYTYCD: Became a company member of The Bad Boys of Dance. Often teaches dancing classes. Performed with Shakira and Paulina Rubio.

Why I Picked Him: Once he got rid of those heinous red streaks in his hair, he was pure man candy. He’s even more juicy now that he frequently sports scruff and a hairy chest. WOOF.

1. Danny Tidwell

Season: 3, Runner-up

Post SYTYCD: Appeared in Memphis on Broadway. Performed a Travis Wall-choreographed piece on Dancing With The Stars. Currently lives in Oslo where he is a soloist for Norway’s National Ballet.

Why I Picked Him: Besides being extremely handsome, he’s actually quite nice. Bumped into him at a club in Los Angeles a few years back and was extremely friendly. We chatted up a storm. I swear, if I was single back then… His “Hip Hip Chin Chin” routine with Lacey Schwimmer is one of my all-time favorites.

Honorable Mentions

Left to right: Stephen “Twitch” Boss (Season 4), Ryan Conferido (Season 1), Artem Chigvinstev (Season 1), Jonathan Platero (Season 5), Ryan Di Lello (Season 6), Nathan Trasoras (Season 6)

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Apparently, I still have a hard-on for the Season 3 guys. I can’t believe four made my list, with three of them staking claim to the Top 3 slots. Do you agree with my choices? Did I miss any of your favorites? Who floats your boat? Sound off below.

  • voltzsongcuya

    Where’s Gev from Season 4?? aside from him. your picks are alll hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Ur also missing Tadd from season 8

  • Brad

    LOVE your list! You got it right. Danny is, was and will always be my favorite SYTYCD contestant for both this dancing and pure sexiness. Love Mark! Love MarKo! Love Pasha! Love Brandon! And I Love Love Love Chehon! SO happy he won.

  • Thomas

    I can’t believe you left out Adé! He is so sexy. Tall, dark, perfect body, and I absolutely LOVE the gap in his teeth! So hot!

  • Gabriel

    Dmitry at 15?!?!?! He should def be top 5 🙂 And AdeChike should NOT be on the list (there was something about him that really irked me. Otherwise the list looks pretty good (I would have probably added Robert from season 7, Brandon from season 9 and Ryan from season 6). The winner is obvi. I could watch Danny dance all day 🙂

  • Marc

    You forgot Alex Wong! Here is is new video:

  • James

    My Neiil…

  • HarryR

    Marc is right, Alex Wong belongs in the list. My favorite piece of all the seasons, from season 7, is How It Ends, choreographed by Travis Wall, danced by Kent Boyd & Neil Haskell brought tears the first time I saw it and eyes still tear up each and every time.

  • kunt

    literally drolling over kameron. yum

  • Cisco

    Niel should be # 1 🙂

  • Ode

    I had the biggest crush for Neil, and Danny on S3. I forgot about Kameron and he still doesn’t ring any bells, but he is way hot. I also really loved Mark from S4, seeing him dance with Gaga and in Glee, i screaming “HE’S FROM SYTYCD!!”

  • Brian

    You forgot this season’s Darean. And Danny as 1? Definitely got that wrong. I had the luck to come face to face with Ryan D on Granville street and he is just as stunning in person.

    And before I started looking I was expecting to see Kameron, so glad everyone else here agrees.

  • Y’all motha effas forgot about Kupono from season 5! This list needs a do-over!

  • dpnhrd

    Not a single one.

  • Nick b

    Nico, winner of season 1 of SYTYCD Canada. Pure sex on legs…

  • northboy69

    Sorry – no Billy Bell, no vote.

    I would seriously “Tap that!”

  • yeah, no kupono, srsly?

    also, no victor smalley? gotta be kidding me.

  • Also, Kent is cute enough, but hotter than Blake McGrath or Pasha? Nope.

  • Adam Dreaddy


  • Alex

    WHAT? A recycled survey? Girl! I had my hopes up, and then realized that this was from last year.

  • Jay

    My favorite duo is Kent and Neil. I still remember when they did the contemporary “How It Ends” together… best ever.


    Where’s Gev? That’s the only glaring omission I see.

  • Herb

    You should showcase the male dancers from the Canadian Edition.

  • Marc

    Loved your entire list, especially Danny! There was an Aussie dancer last season who was good-looking, but as luck would have it, he went home too early. I think his name was Andrew.

  • Anthony

    Of the guys on the list or any season Neil Haskell is the most do-able. He was on the show as a favorite this week (more beautiful than ever!) with the very hot Michael, who gets no mention!

  • Leroy

    well Mark is my personal favourite and I think the top 2 should be Mark and Neil. also you missed Robert lol