Sports Stud 2012 Showdown: Round 2

The Sports Stud 2012 Showdown is well under way now, with the first round completed. The winner of round one was yummy soccer player, Lance Parker, who happened to be my first Sports Stud of the year in 2012. I had a feeling when I wrote that one that he was going to be a contender in the end. In second place was sexy volleyball player, J.P. Calderon whom you know best from Survivor.

With Round 1 completed, it’s time to move on to the second batch of boys. There are a lot of hot ones in this group as well so it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top. The details of how the winner will be determined in the end are once again listed below.

Sports Stud Showdown Dates:
The Top 2 from each round automatically advance to the finals. Four wildcard spots will be given to the athletes who garnered the four highest vote totals from all rounds tabulated (winners excluded).

  • Round 1: Dec 15-21, 2012 (click here for contestans)1st: Lance Parker, 2nd J.P. Calderon
  • Round 2: Dec 22-28, 2012 (results announced Dec 29)
  • Round 3: Dec 29-Jan 4, 2012 (results announced Jan 5)
  • Finals: Jan 5-11, 2013 (Final Results announced Jan 12, 2013)

Maxime Mermoz

Original Feature: Apr 21, 2012
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: This French rugby player caught my attention after seeing photos of him in a DIM underwear campaign. So hot!

Mario Gomez

Original Feature: Apr 28, 2012
Sport: Soccer
Why I Chose Him: I was just starting my own season of soccer at the time and wanted to feature someone from the sport. Not only is he hot, but he’s vocal in his support for gays in sports.

Danny Amendola

Original Feature: May 5, 2012
Sport: Football
Why I Chose Him: I wanted to highlight someone from football that week and was actually surprised once I came across his photos, that I hadn’t highlighted the hottie before.

David Boudia

Original Feature: May 12, 2012
Sport: Diving
Why I Chose Him: At this point I was really starting to get into highlighting Olympic hopefuls, and Boudia was definitely a hottie I wanted to feature.

James Magnussen

Original Feature: May 19, 2012
Sport: Swimming
Why I Chose Him: I wanted to highlight another hottie that would be competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics and let’s just face it, the swimmers and divers have great bodies and give us more to look at 😉

Jonathan Horton

Original Feature: May 26, 2012
Sport: Gymnastics
Why I Chose Him: With the Olympics coming, I thought his short & beefy bod would be a hit amongst readers.

Ashton Eaton

Original Feature: Jun 2, 2012
Sport: Decathlon
Why I Chose Him: He was featured in Vogue’s Olympic spread and looked hot, hot, hot. He was also a world record holder in the hepathlon (6645) – I’m not sure if he still is or not, but that’s pretty damn impressive.

Troy Dumais

Original Feature: Jun 9, 2012
Sport: Diver
Why I Chose Him: He’s a super talented diver with a sexy bod and bedroom eyes you can drown in.

Mark Oldershaw

Original Feature: Jun 16, 2012
Sport: Canoeing
Why I Chose Him: I wanted to feature a Canadian athlete and also a sport that I haven’t highlighted much – he fit the bill perfectly!

Clemente Russo

Original Feature: Jun 23, 2012
Sport: Boxing
Why I Chose Him: He’s a pretty freaking hot boxer and he has some really sexy modelling photos as well. Plus with boxers, there are always those sexy weigh-in photos too.

Jake Dalton

Original Feature: Jun 30, 2012
Sport: Gymnastics
Why I Chose Him: He was another Olympic gymnast I featured because the Olympics were coming up and when I came across his photos, it was a no brainer. Yum!

Brandon Wynn

Original Feature: Jul 7, 2012
Sport: Gymnastics
Why I Chose Him: At this point I was clearly all about the sexy gymnast pictures so it was another week of that. Wynn’s body is unreal!

Mario Götze

Original Feature: Jul 14, 2012
Sport: Soccer
Why I Chose Him: Truth be told, I chose him because of the photos of him with a hard-on while on vacation. LOL.

Thom Evans

Original Feature: Jul 21, 2012
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: He was on the cover of Attitude Magazine that month and his pictures are majorly hot. I have a feeling he’ll be a finalist in this competition, if not the top sports stud of the year. I could be wrong, but that’s my prediction.

Sonny Bill Williams

Original Feature: Aug 18, 2012
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Sexy photos, sexy tattoos, and a bit of a bad boy. I guess that’s what I was in the mood for that weekend!

2012 Sports Stud Showdown Round 2: Who Were My Sexiest Sports Studs?

  • Jake Dalton (1,081 Votes)
  • David Boudia (866 Votes)
  • Thom Evans (801 Votes)
  • Sonny Bill Williams (769 Votes)
  • James Magnussen (489 Votes)
  • Jonathan Horton (266 Votes)
  • Mario Gomez (237 Votes)
  • Troy Dumais (188 Votes)
  • Danny Amendola (188 Votes)
  • Maxime Mermoz (127 Votes)
  • Clemente Russo (91 Votes)
  • Ashton Eaton (89 Votes)
  • Mario Götze (87 Votes)
  • Mark Oldershaw (69 Votes)
  • Brandon Wynn (41 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,738

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  • Cade

    Canadian Olympian Adam Van Koeverden would be a nice late addition to the list…

  • Donnie

    Are you kidding me? where are the black men on this list..GTFOH

  • piesang

    Thom Evans is by far the sexiest especially in his full frontal nude photos with his brother by stade

  • malcolm

    wow thom evans is really attractive, especially in the buff.

  • Dan

    Thom Evans has an amazing penis.

  • millo

    Thom Evans’s penis is beautiful and big and amazing <333
    too bad his face is quite ugly :/

    Jake Dolton FTW!!!!