The Apprentice: Top 5 Hottest Guys

The tenth season of The Apprentice coming up, where Donald Trump is giving a second chance to 16 candidates hurt by the recession. It starts on September 16th 9/8c on NBC.

The original Apprentice is back, meaning no celebrities – just real people who are willing to go through the ultimate job interview for a chance to work for The Donald. Given the beautiful women in his lives and how he talks to the beauties that come onto the show, it’s obvious that Trump loves his ladies. Here at Homorazzi, we love the men more. With that, I thought it’d be pertinent to share with you the five people I’d hire to work in the Homorazzi Boardroom it would be anything but boring. These selections exclude any Celebrity Apprentice contestants – they get enough attention as it is.

Without further delay, here are are men…

Brian Mandelbaum

Strengths: Total innocent boyish good looks and a great smile, thanks to being the VP of Marketing & e-commerce at GoSMILE, Inc.
Season 4: Fired in week 8 (along with Marshawn Evans in double firing)
Occupation: Print Company Executive
Age: 23 at the time
Update: Since the show, he became the youngest panelist to be on ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He lives in Chicago and continues to be quite successful, having worked with several fortune 500 companies.

Wes Moss

Strengths: All American guy good looks and keeps looking young & healthy as he gets older as well.
Season 2:
Age: 28 years old at the time
Occupation: Public Speaker / Writer / Entrepreneur
Update: Since The Apprentice, he wrote a book called “Starting from Scratch” an is an active public speaker, talking about investments & entrepreneurship. He also, along with his partners, continues to grow his Fee-Only investment firm. He’s also the host of “MONEY MATTERS” on AM 750 and now 95.5 FM News Talk WSB radio.

Bill Rancic

Strengths: He’s just plain studly looking and continues to look good with age. He has a very charming smile that I’m sure comes in handy in business.
Season 1: Winner
Age: Now 39
Occupation: Motivational Speaker / Real Estate Developer
Update: He is currently starring in the reality show Giuliana and Bill with his wife Giuliana. He’s also an international motivational speaker and real estate developer in the Chicago area. He’s been on the show as one of Trumps “eyes & ears” in subsequent seasons.

Dan Brody

Strengths: He’s got that whole sultry Matthew Morrison slash Penn Badgley thing going on and certainly has bedroom eyes.
Season 5: Fired in Week 5
Age: 31 at the time
Occupation:He’s the founder of Brody Sport, a designer brand of activewear currently sold in prominent boutique shops and popular department stores
Update: Assuming his entrepreneurial ventures are still under way, but wasn’t able to find out for sure.

Tim Urban

Strengths: He’s got this Italian/Greek looking thing going on, great smile, and just something about him makes you trust him…. so much that he even had a showmance during his season which is kind of unheard of on this show, and ultimately, that got him fired.
Season 6: Fired in Week 11
Age: 25
Occupation: Tutoring Company Owner
Update: He’s now a singer!? (Not to be confused by Tim Urban from American Idol Season 9). He released his first studio album called Turning Home.

ADDITION by Donovan

After reading Patty’s post, I realized we have completely different tastes. One of my favorite all-time Apprentice contestants wasn’t included in the list, so I edited Patrick’s post and added him myself. LOL. Hope you enjoy my last minute addition.

Tarek Saab

Strengths: His high IQ and curly dark hair. His resemblance to Orlando Bloom doesn’t hurt either.
Season 5: Fired in week 10
Age: Now 32
Occupation: Hi-Tech Manager (before), President of Saab & Company Inc (now)
Update: In 2006, Tarek married his wife Kathryn, and they have a daughter, Mariana Francesca, and a son, Sebastian Gabriel. As often proclaimed on The Apprentice, Tarek is still a member of Mensa. In 2008, he published a successful memoir, “Gut Check: Confronting Love, Work, and Manhood”, of his life as a twenty-something in the 21st century. He spent most of that year promoting and sharing it with thousands of people.

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  • Paolo

    Tarek Saab looks like a nice mix of Orlando Bloom and Matt Bomer! Yummmmm.

  • gt

    John season 2 is the hottest…Wes—duh!