Hotmail Will Die This Summer

It launched 16 years ago and as of this summer, Hotmail will no longer exist. Microsoft announced that all existing accounts will migrate to addresses and hopes to complete the auto-update process by summer’s end. With a reported 350 million accounts, that’s a whole lot of re-routing.

The reason for the move was due to’s popularity. Microsoft’s new webmail service has amassed 60 million active users in just six months, according to reports. I haven’t checked it out, but I hear it has great social integration and a streamlined design. Some say it could give Gmail a run for its money. Perhaps, I’ll give it a try.

In the coming weeks, expect plenty of promotion from the company’s multimillion-dollar marketing campaign. If they’re anything like their most recent ad featuring Seattle’s own Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, I can’t wait. I love that the duo’s music is getting major exposure through the commercials. Check it out below.

Though I don’t use my Hotmail address anymore, I can’t but help feel a tad nostalgic. It was my first online email years ago (that and Rocketmail… remember that?). Definitely the end of an era. Do you still use your Hotmail address? Have you tried Is it a much better service? Sound off below.

  • jonathan

    that sucks. I have had a hotmail adress since high school. Its the only email I have ever used. I tried a few isp’s emails but I always have kept my hotmail.

    I have been using the outlook site and like the new design, but I dont like the advertisement bar at the right that is supposedly powered and tailored to you by your searches, but adblock takes care of it.

    So my will become

  • OdetoFear

    that’s sucks. my hotmail is what i use for all my sex related stuff.

  • jonathan

    oh and what about the and addresses?