Hotel Review: Hotel Monaco Denver

Denver is an absolutely gorgeous city that I fell in love with very quickly. The people are far too nice, the city itself is absolutely spotless, and the whole vibe of the city is so easy going, you wonder if the streets have ever seen a confrontation. The Hotel Monaco certainly compliments the vibe of the city with it’s stunning decor, and always welcomed Kimpton hospitality.

Being the only art deco building in Denver, the bones of the old Railroad Exchange that the Monaco was built out of stand out architecturally. The building, dating back to 1919, is an antique in itself, but the Monaco, used to only renovating old buildings, did a fantastic job.

The inside lobby is something out of a dream, and having been recently redesigned, the entire sitting room with the original painted vaulted ceilings, is not only a show stopper, but a place hard to find when on the road: somewhere you actually feel comfortable. This is where, as with all Kimpton properties, they hold complimentary coffee service in the morning, and wine hour in the evening where you can sample some Kimpton choices and take a load off, and boy do you have to take a load off when non-mile high city dwellers aren’t used to the elevation!

Walking into one of the Monaco’s suites is really like stepping into any immaculately decorated Monacos, except in Denver, talented designer Susan Caruso has incorporated western themes including horses in very subtle ways as an homage to the cowboy town, and is a very cute accent.

Downstairs Panzano hosts Chef Elise Wiggins, with enough contemporary Italian food to keep you busy for days. The beauty of this award winning restaurant with an award winning Chef is that you could go for the five course special occasion meal, or like us one night, could just feel like a light bite and end up with a really well priced soup and salad. It has it all. Please though, please, go for brunch, and have the Panzano “Eggs Benedict“, an atrocious and delicious creation of sun-dried tomato polenta cake, egg, prosciutto, fontina cheese, prosecco hollandaise, and a basil pesto. I’m still craving it.

The Hotel Monaco hits the standard that every Kimpton property does without disappointment. Whether you’re staying in for a couple nights and eating some great food, using the fitness facilities and pampering yourself at VEDA Salon and Spa, or going out on the town with everything nearby to it’s fantastic location, the Hotel Monaco Denver is definitely a destination Hotel when hitting this gorgeous city. But please, bring chapstick, moisturizer, and drink lots of water with the elevation. And in the case that you forgoe that 1 drink actually hits you like 2 drinks, the Monaco has the best room service around. Trust me, I know.

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