Can A Hot Gay Robot Convince You To Love Yourself?

Mike Buonaiuto, a filmmaker from UK has produced a new short film that is sure to have a few eyes blinking and turn a few heads. With all of the news reports of homophobia and bullying going on all over the work, Mike thought he would produce a video that expressed how he felt about it. It’s called Adam: Next Generation Robotics. The idea is to really help youth become confident in who they are and allow them to know that they do not have to be silenced. Check out the video’s description below.

The film mocks up a futuristic advert for a customizable robot and uses the mechanical metaphor to say we should never seek to control, suppress or silence a person, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We are not robots.

With so many youth out there suppressing themselves due to bullying or fear, Buonaiuto hopes this video can be a positive message to them. He hopes to encourage confidence within. While I like the video, I feel like without a vivid description, the concept may come off a little bit skewed. However, the video is really well done and the guy is pretty cute. But, does that take away from it’s important message? You decide. Check out the video below.

Adam: Next Generation Robotics

  • Zee

    I like it!

  • travis

    and where can i buy a ADAM??

  • francis

    @travis: there is actual guys in the real life. stop being a typical picky gay and get a life.

  • Huang

    I think the message is skewed. He is not clearly gay and his facial expression is ambiguous.. Though, a hot gay robot body guard can probably stop school violence! 😉

  • “never be controlled, suppressed, silenced….like a robot.”
    I think the robot, Adam’s (Mike Buonaiuto) beauty and it’s visual portrayal draws you in and catches your a-hem attention.
    The message at the end explains it’s meaning.

  • Correction: Starring Alex Gray. I thought that was Mike himself.