Brian’s 10 Tips For Hosting A House Party


In the past week Donovan and I hosted a larger than usual gathering of our friends… Call it a party, a rager, a mess?!?  After having close to 75 people through our house over the course of the evening I started remembering some of the excellent and poorly planned aspects of the evening.

Post gathering… My top 10 recommendations you should do when you host a party:

10. Have ample cups on hand.


I know this seems like something you can’t screw up; after all if you’ve invited 20 people then all you need is 20 cups… NO… Get 40 unless you want to be doing dishes part way through the night.  If you are hosting folks for more than a couple of hours they’re going to loose their glass and want a new one.

9. Clean your bathrooms immediately prior to the party.


Seems strange to recommend given the utter grossness you will witness the following morning but trust me the impression given by an unkept lou can not be easily recovered from. Also, guaranteed, this will be one of the busiest rooms in the house.

8. ICE.


LOTS!  Enough said.

7. Snacks.


In my opinion, don’t waist a lot of time on elaborate snacks for the gays. They’re going to be watching their waistlines anyhow and when they get to the point of complete and utter drunkenness they will eat anything. If you lovingly prepare a tray of delectable shrimp filo pastries they will likely sit on the tray all evening only to be eaten up by some tragic twink moments before you leave for the club.

On the other hand if you are hosting a for your straight friends or a mixed crowd… Snacks should be carefully considered.

6. Wine, Beer, Spirits.


We normally host as a BYOB event. In Canada alcohol is considerably more expensive than in other countries. With that said always buy an extra bottle (case) of each alcohol you and your friends would normally consume. You will likely only use a fraction of it but the last thing you want to have happen is run out and, after all, it never goes bad and you’ll be prepared a for few weekends to come.

5. Plan a location for the empties.


Bath tubs work particularly well for this. You can dump the cans / bottles in the tub and then pull the curtain a hide the mess. More importantly, they will not be in anyones way and wont cause any damage as the tub is self draining. If you have people staying with you a couple of rubbermaid containers under the stairs or on the patio is a great plan “b”.

4. Assign yourself checkpoints throughout the night.


Everyone loves to toast the host… No pun intended. Although the shots and toasting is alot of fun; you don’t want to pass out at your own party.  At points throughout the night plan to take yourself out of the action. Take a trip to the restroom or patio and check in on your own drunkenness. After this little break head back into the action with either your delicious cocktail or a refreshing glass of water. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself (or your place)!

3. Plan activities that draw people away from the kitchen.


Whether it’s a game, music or food.  Setup activities throughout your home or apartment.  If you don’t follow this rule your shindig will inevitably turn into a kitchen party.  Personally I love to hang out in the kitchen all evening but you can only fit so many people into the tiny orifice of your home.

2. Plan the music!


Create a playlist in advance of the soiree that will set the tone for the whole event. Moreover, it will keep you from running to the stereo, itunes, or heaven forbid turning on the radio.

1. Stay Calm.


Ask your friends for help if you need it; if they care about you they’ll gladly pick up a towel, collect empties, or throw a frozen pizza in the oven.  Don’t try to “Brie Vandercamp” the night a stress yourself out in the process.

There you go. I can’t wait for the invite to your next awesome party!

  • Great synopsis Brian – very thorough! Now I know how you guys always manage throw great parties 🙂 I had no idea about the bath tub thing for empties! That’s genius!

  • Mitch

    Those damn “tragic twinks” eating all the shrimps! LOL

  • Seemed more polite to write “tragic twink” than your name Mitch… Sorry if I offended you 😉

  • Averick

    Omg this is the most pathetic article I have read. The whole nonsense about gays and the waistlines. First of all, if you host a party, supply the booze. Are you cheap? What slum were you raised in. It’s an insult to your guests to invite them over and expect them to bring the alcohol. No sorry, booze is not much more expensive here. You’re just being cheap.

    I’m tired of always hosting elaborate parties, and then my cheap gay friends put out chips and have one bottle, and say byob.

    that’s just lazy, lame, etc.

    This person who wrote this article obviously is a poor host, and I would never attend his party. What a joke. I can’t believe I read this.

    It should be titled ‘the cheap man’s guide to hosting’

  • bruin

    i thought this was a great article and a great read and it sounded like you had a blast of a party. someones a bit bitter they didnt get invited hah

  • Hahaha bruin, too right 😛
    I Would love to be invited to a 75 person booze catered party that doesn’t involve someone getting married or someone dying ha.
    I saw the title of this article and KNEW brian wrote it haha.
    And the waistline no appies thing is apparently VERY true for seattle, the boys MOCKED me for thinking we needed to put out some food 😛

  • Yeah, sorry – Brian is one of the best party hosts I know. I have a great time, every time.

  • ..oh, and Brian is anything but cheap lol.