Fresh(ish) off the success of their respective TV staring endeavours, Toni Colette (of United States of Tara) and Dylan McDermott (from American Horror Story) unite their unquestionably powerful screen presence in this new thriller: Hostages. I was immediately intrigued by star power alone for this series and then even more plussed once I heard the premise: a homebred terrorist played by Dylan takes the USofA’s doctor’s family hostage played by Toni as he attempts to convince her to help him assassinate POTUS. Not wanting to give up too much more of the plot in the first paragraph of my article, I will say that this show delivers.

Backed by a decently rounded up cast of C-listers and newbies, Hostages is without a doubt a showdown between the scene-stealing and adversarial leads as you cannot help but hope they get to face off again and again as the show continues. The premise is REALLY hard to believe in- let’s be honest with ourselves. In this day and age, when an ice cream shop is likely inspected 18 times for 3 weeks before the president might consider visiting it, are we actually to fall for the scenario that the president’s doctor/surgeon isn’t a LITTLE more closely watched the night before she puts the big man under the knife? I do hate shows that ask me to believe they could happen while begging me to ignore a few discrepancies, but hey: it’s Hollywood. Overall, the plot and acting along make it a thumbs up following the pilot.

As I said, there’s security issues that I’m sure have actual secret service men and likely all law enforcement agents rolling their eyes out of their heads, but to us more forgivable lay people (and again, I only forgive for Dylan’s smoldering sexy smile and Toni’s EVERYTHING), it’s a ride we’re willing to be taken on. The family- of course- is riddled with their own secrets as are the kidnappers so we’ll endure the typical reverse Stockholm syndrome as the “asshole bad guy learns to get a heart” and watch the family’s youngest daughter “finally learn to stand up for herself” and all that, but fuck it: I will not ruin anything but the final 10 seconds of the pilot SLAY ME between these two thespians and have me too hooked to say anything but: “Yes Please!” to watching another episode.

I would complement the writers on keeping this one sufficiently dark for a kidnapping/semi-torture series and do hope that there’s a BIT more violence going forward as this first episode pulled a LOT of near punches as you constantly thought someone was going to get shot, loose and appendage or kick off all together. With a limited amount of characters I’m guessing this might turn into a classic 24 run where episode by episode we bring in an unsuspecting neighbour or pizza boy who doesn’t make it home alive, but I do hope there’s real tension the family and hostage takers themselves might be at risk: it’s the only way I’ll care to keep watching, personally!

I say definitely watch this one if this genre is your type and %100 if these main actors are ones you follow as they’re given some pretty meaty roles to work it. Let me know what you think!