Meryl Streep Gets Sex Advice From A Gay Man In ‘Hope Springs’ Trailer

As you know, pretty much everything with Meryl Streep in it is worth watching. In this upcoming film called ‘Hope Springs,’ Streep plays a woman (Kay) who is trying to revive her marriage to her husband Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) by seeing a therapist (Steve Carell) in a town called Hope Springs. Arnold is very reluctant to go, but somehow Kay manages to convince him.

They are given tasks to reignite the intimacy in their relationship and after 31 years of marriage, it seems easier said than done. At one point in the trailer, Kay gets advice from a gay man about sex and let’s just say practice involves a banana. I can’t WAIT to see Streep in that scene.

The film hits theatres on August 10. In the meantime, check out the cute & funny trailer below.