Play Hookum: If You Like Then You Should Put A Ring On It

Here’s a fun summer (or year round game) that’s so simple – yet so fun and addictive! You can have it available when entertaining friends, or take it with you camping, etc. It’s called Hookum (…NO, not Hookup – Adam!) Basically, there are for arms that come out from a centre stand (Sidenote: It’s super easy to set up and put away). Attached to each of those arms is a string with a ring attached to it. The objective of the game is to get the ring onto the hook on your side. You can play with up to four players.

It sounds easy, but it can be extremely frustrating/stressful when you are competing against your friends! You can play for speed (ie. the first one to three), consistency (how many times in two minutes), penalty (last one has to…?), reward (first one gets to….?), etc. Let me tell you, it also makes a good drinking game (with adult beverages).

Why I like this game? Easy to set up and take down. Let’s you be creative in how you’re going to play it. Doesn’t require any thought and it’s easy to store. When you want to play, you just “push, twist, and extend.” That’s all it takes to set up.

Check out a video that shows how the game works:

Find the game here! Totally inexpensive. Totally worth it.